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RootsMagic is first to support FamilySearch Discussions

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: Somehow in the rush of the holidays, Ol' Myrt missed sending out this press release from our friends at RootsMagic.com. Thanks to two readers who brought this to my attention. Please address all inquiries to support@rootsmagic.com.

RootsMagic Adds FamilySearch Discussions and More

RootsMagic 4 becomes First Genealogy Software to Support FamilySearch Discussions

SPRINGVILLE, Utah. — December 14, 2010 — RootsMagic, Inc. announced the immediate availability of an update to their RootsMagic 4 and RootsMagic Essentials genealogy software which is certified byFamilySearch for their new "Discussions" service. They become the first- and currently the only- software to offer this feature. The update also adds new FamilySearch features including temple ordinance card tracking, historical record searching, saved logins, sharing of Family Ordinance Requests (FORs), and more.

Discussions Certified
The new FamilySearch system gives RootsMagic users a central platform where they can share their  information and work together. When the new FamilySearch system first became available, one of the principal collaborative tools were "disputes"- the ability to mark a piece of information as incorrect with a basic explanation. In the latest update to FamilySearch, disputes have been replaced with fully-interactive "discussions". By joining a discussion about a given person, you can make comments, ask questions, and post  answers with others who are also interested in that person.

RootsMagic is the first and only software certified by FamilySearch to offer this feature. "Discussions are a tremendous step-forward in collaborative research," said Bruce Buzbee, president. "As more and more people join discussions about their ancestors, the information contained in new FamilySearch will be more  complete and hopefully more  accurate. Plus, you'll be surprised how many new cousins you will

New Temple Ordinance Tools

RootsMagic is the first software certified by FamilySearch to reserve and request temple ordinances for deceased ancestors. The new update adds even more tools to manage and track these ordinances. "One
feature that many of our users have requested is the ability to track temple ordinance cards," said Michael Booth, vice-president. 

"RootsMagic can now retrieve a list of all your printed cards from FamilySearch and lets your keep track of  to whom you've given each card and their progress as the ordinances are completed." Added Booth, "I know my mom has been waiting a long time for this feature and will be putting it to good use."

The update also adds other enhancements such as graphically visualizing ordinance cards and the ability to  e-mail and share Family
Ordinance Requests (FORs) with others.

Search Over 1 Billion Historical Records

With today's [ 14 Dec 2010] launch of the updated FamilySearch website (www.familysearch.org), RootsMagic can now search for your ancestors through over a billion historical records using the integrated WebSearch feature. Just click on the ancestor's name and RootsMagic will search FamilySearch's collections of censuses, probates, military records, and vital records for possible matches. Many of the collections include pictures of the original records which are viewable at no charge.

FamilySearch Made Easy


The latest update to RootsMagic adds other new features to make working with FamilySearch even easier.  These features include filtering and narrowing-down groups of people to work with FamilySearch, saving your username and password for automatic sign-in, and several improvements in speed and reliability. "Our mission is, 'Family History Made Easy', and that is exactly what this is," said Buzbee. "As FamilySearch evolves, so does RootsMagic to make the process as simple as possible."

RootsMagic 4 received FamilySearch Developer awards for "Easiest to Sync" and "Best Dashboard" as well as the "Trailblazer" award for pioneering FamilySearch features. Video tutorials, demonstrating how easy it is to work with New FamilySearch using RootsMagic 4 are available at

Free and Available Now

Discussions and ordinance card tracking are included in RootsMagic Essentials, free genealogy software which includes all of the FamilySearch features. It is available for download at http://www.rootsmagic.com/essentials. Current users of RootsMagic 4 and RootsMagic Essentials may update their software for free athttp://www.rootsmagic.com/updates.

Users of other genealogy software products will find it easy to experiment with RootsMagic using their own data. RootsMagic can directly import data from PAF, Family Tree Maker (through 2006), Family Origins, and Legacy Family Tree. It can also read data using the popular GEDCOM format.

About RootsMagic, Inc.

For over 20 years, RootsMagic, Inc. has been creating computer software with a special purpose- to unite  families. One of our earliest products- the popular "Family Origins" software, introduced thousands of people to the joy and excitement of family history.

That tradition continues today with "RootsMagic", our award-winning genealogy software which makes  researching, organizing, and sharing your family history fun and easy. "Personal Historian" will help you easily write and preserve your life stories. "Family Reunion Organizer" takes the headaches out of planning those  important get-togethers. And "Family Atlas" creates beautiful and educational geographic maps of your family history.

For more information, visit
Source: RootsMagic, Inc.


  1. There is an age-old difficulty with this and will remain so. People will not keep their "discussion" address current! I have been doing this for years in a different way. When I find something useful or incorrect by my information, I contact the giver of that information. Over 25 years I've only been able to contact no more than 5 people because their contact information has become invalid! Until we are able to correct that problem, there will be no advantage to this system. - Julie

  2. I think making connections with 5 researchers is marvelous. Life is 100% perfect, though, is it?