Friday, December 17, 2010

TMG V8 Status Report

Today's WhollyGenes Newsletter provided news about the much anticipated version 8 of The Master Genealogist:

The beta testers are now in the possession of a version of TMG v8 with the extensive new report writer engine fully implemented.. There are also more than a dozen major new features, 50+ new options, and more than 200 bug fixes. While everyone is working long hours to get this major release to you as soon as possible, there is still testing to be done and some issues to be resolved and I'm afraid that it won't be available before Christmas. We appreciate your patience, however, as we press for a happy end to the long wait.

As some consolation, we have some unprecedented holiday offers [in the 17 Dec 2010 newsletter]. In fact, you can lock in a 10% discount on your v8 upgrade NOW by purchasing a discounted gift certificate! Gift certificates can be applied to anything in the Wholly Genes store.

 So click to view the newsletter, and reserve your copy of TMG Version 8.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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  1. Will TMG v8 be released before Christmas 2011?

  2. I haven't heard. Oddly enough, Bob Velke was not at the Federation of Genealogical Society's annual conference in Springfield this past month. I hope all is well with him.