Tuesday, January 04, 2011

15 rules for pitching... to Bloggers

Just picked up a copy of the Jan-Feb 2011 issue of iPhone Life, a print magazine with ideas for helping Ol' Myrt learn to use her new iPad. What got me was the title of an article by Kevin Sitek, so I scurried to find an online copy to share with my DearREADERS.

15 Rules for pitching Your App to Bloggers

This article should be required reading for anyone pitching anything to any type of blogger. Ol' Myrt here receives about 50 suggestions a month from heretofore unknown genealogy websites, software apps, and promotional companies featuring everything from soup to nuts and things like crystal mugs with etched my very own [emphasis added] Japanese family heraldry image. (?!)

It's a tough job being a prolific geneablogger.

Most of the websites are just built around Ancestry.com and Amazon.com affiliate links. Even more unscrupulous  sites "scrape" blog entries from other websites attempting to "beef up" the look or "content" on the offending site. (And we know how that worked out for Ancestry.com a few years ago.) Scraping is stealing the work of another website. Offline it is called plagiarism. There is no way Ol' Myrt here will support such a cause.

A valuable suggestion from Kevin's article is "Include links not attachments." Ol' Myrt here simply won't open email with attachments if it is from someone I don't know. Also, I like to link back to the originator's website announcement about a new product or service whenever possible.

One doesn't need a blinking neon icon to quickly ID a mass email "form letter" as they come to DearMYRTLE addressed as:
  • Hello Mr./Ms Dear
  • Greetings!
  • Dear Dear
It is also unreasonable to expect a blogger to cross-post an announcement or test a new product or website. As a matter of security, we don't need to explain our tight travel schedules nor do we owe it to the pitcher to defend our preferences. If someone persists with follow-ups, I just block future email from that sender. I do have a life.

Sometimes, I just don't know what people are thinking!

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.


  1. Excellent points! Also, I'm not a fan of review requests where the person/business offers up some ready-made text about their product/app for my blog. Umm...no.

    I love my blog readers. I don't want to waste their time, so I'm picky about reviews and press releases.

    Thanks for bringing up an important issue!

  2. "Dear Dear" - I love that one. It's even better than the way my name used to get mangled by junk mail companies.

  3. Good post Myrt! I get requests to post things on my blog too. I only post requests from those whom I believe have the genealogy world's best interests at heart.