Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 January Organization Checklist

Ol' Myrt here has been busy as a bee over the holidays, revising DearMYRTLE's Organization Checklists -- which haven't been updated in two years. I don't know about you, but this past year wasn't the best for getting much of anything done, let alone talking with others about being organized!
Photo courtesy of Jean Thornhill,
Used by permission.

But 2011 will be different!

Who cares if the yard becomes overgrown, the laundry must be sent out, and we spend a little more time eating simple meals like soup and crackers? WE ARE GOING TO GET ORGANIZED!!!

Here is the first of 12 monthly installments:

2011 DearMYRTLE's January Organization Checklist

Its a .PDF file, and all the links are clickable if you read the document while online. Significant changes to the January Checklist include:
  • Setting up your Dropbox account so your data is backed up automatically when Dropbox synchronizes folders
  • Creating folders on your hard drive to place scanned images of documents.
  • Participating in the first of monthly "Scanfests" hosted by Miriam Robbins Midkiff. (That will make 3 hours of active scanning of photos and related documents!)
So where once I dragged you kicking and screaming out on to the 'net to do some research, now Ol' Myrt is encouraging you to digitize your family history and keep it in a safe place off-site. Now GO FOR IT!

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.


  1. I knew I have been procrastinating finishing my COG plans for 2011 for a reason. Sometimes good things come to those who wait. I was searching for your 2009 series to add to my organization goals and found this update. Thank you so much for helping us with this great series!!!

  2. Thanks so much for highlighting Scanfest, Myrt! I look forward to meeting many of your readers on January 30th!

  3. Last year at SLIG I asked you about the monthly organization pdfs (I could only find 6 months worth) and you said you were working on something. Thank you, thank you, thank you - now I need to follow through!

  4. I found this post today. Luckily I had already setup a dropbox account because of your comments in a previous post about how wonderful it is so I am almost caught up! I made a resolution to get my genealogy stuff organized this year - Now I have a plan!!

    Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  5. Hi Professor Myrt! Can I get permission to join the class late? I need help, and see that my blogging-buddy Amy is already here.

    I have a bit of catching up to do, so I'm off to get BUSY.

  6. I joined in mid-February and I'm catching up too - switching BACK to binders! I have questions too, is there a place we followers can chat?

  7. The live chats I host are in Second Life, a free "virtual reality" site. You'll find me there as "Clarise Beaumont."

    On the Sunday immediately following the publication of each month's checklist, we discuss this at 5:15pm Second Life Time (same as Pacific US) at the Family History Centre.

    You are welcome to join us there.

  8. Denise -- I posted a suggestion on your FB page.

    We need to hire a traveling file clerk... split the cost, and we'd keep him or her fully employed!


  9. How do you file direct line ancestors that remarried again? Do you keep their new married name with the original direct ancestor information or file under a new surname?

  10. Subsequent wives are filed chronologically. (See April 2011 Organization Checklist).

    A woman is listed as a child under her father's surname.

    Once she marries, she her records and photos are in the surname binder for her spouse (with a cross-reference to the maiden name surname binder since she is listed with her maiden name, and her parents name are listed on the family group sheet with her spouses.

  11. Just to clarify... my grandmother remarried after my grandfather. She passed away with that new surname. So I would create a new tab for the 2nd husband's surname and put all her information there under the DIRECT tab after she married him? I'm sorry if I'm not understanding correctly. I do appreciate your help!

  12. You are so correct -- That was the name by which she was known for that period of time. Be sure the other family group sheets (which may have been printed earlier) also list her second husband.

    (The family group sheet where she is a child in her father's household, and the family group sheet where she is listed with her first husband.