Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Across My Desk: 26 Jan 2011

Some days are so perfect, you just have to sit back and enjoy what others have written. Here are a few of today's highlights:
  • A nostalgic look at her childhood home, Elizabeth Powell Crowe describes her father's super-high quality electrical system, and we get a glimpse of his personality. Glad to see the Crowe's Nest blog is back! What would we daughters be without the influence of our fathers?
  • Via Facebook, Bill West let me know that Walmart has abandoned efforts to build a the Wilderness battleground. Glad to hear this as the project was utterly distasteful to my sense of humanity, not to mention my sense of history.
  • Great to hear the younger set is getting involved in FamilySearch Indexing! Note fellow geneablogger A. C. Ivory's post Give Them Food and They Will Index. This isn't a one shot deal. This group is holding indexing parties "Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and during Sunday School" throughout the coming year. Can you say as much for your local genealogy society?

Last night during our Second Life chat at Just Genealogy, my avatar Clarise Beaumont pointed to the availability of the archived FamilySearch 2011 January Bloginar. Someone asked "What's a bloginar?" I thought it was a word coined by FamilySearch combining the term "webinar" with the term "bloggers", the latter being those invited to participate in the webinar. Since then I've looked to see if Wikipedia has "bloginar" listed. (It doesn't.) A Google search for the word returned 54,000 hits including a definition from the Urban Dictionary which reads:
A bloginar is a webinar hosted specifically for bloggers, and may include promotion of specific social media tools designed for bloggers, such as online graphics, widgets, or online video. Bloginars provide a way for bloggers to get accurate, credible information to write blogs about current topics of interest. (CDC)
Hey man, [what's] a bloginar? It's what the rest of the world calls a webinar, or web chat.

Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. I remember when Disney wanted to build a theme park near the area where Bull Run or Wilderness are. Of course, it was shot down about 17 years ago.