Monday, January 24, 2011 discontinues Expert Connect

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was just received from our friends at Please address all inquiries to One can only imagine that the recent acquisition of may have affected this decision.

Over a year ago created Expert Connect as a way to expand its service offerings and provide additional assistance for members through an elite group of professional genealogists and researchers. Through this service, customers were given the opportunity to hire genealogists to retrieve records, perform research or simply acquire expert advice.

Though this service has been a positive experience, has decided to focus on other business priorities, so as of March 18, 2011, Expert Connect will no longer be a service that will offer to its members.

Both experts and members currently involved in Expert Connect have been notified of this update. We encourage members to finish out existing projects with experts they have located through the Expert Connect service and if needed, continue relationships for future projects they may have.


  1. Thousands of Experts went into this service to meet the need of and the Community. Now they are suddenly out of work. Well done, $$$$$$$$ Ancestry. $$$$$$$ The Clients are also ticked. Well done again. Stripping the community of a valuable tool because of $$$$$$.

    When you tick off the most intelligent people on the planet, something will happen. David slew Goliath.

  2. There is another option for people needing to locate a professional researcher for their projects or for genealogists looking to find work. The concept is very much like’s Expert Connect but was actually in place BEFORE Expert Connect.

    Please Check out Genealogy Freelancers at:

  3. Quite honestly, though I enjoyed EC in the beginning, after a while, the quality of the experience waned as low-ballers came in, bidding less than $100 for a "complete" genealogy project, and with it, dragged down the whole idea for those of use who actually charged what those projects were truly worth. When we complained to Ancestry, we were met with deaf ears. The business model was flawed, no minimum bid amount, the vetting process of "experts" was nearly non-existent, and the support of experts was minimal.