Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Civil War books from Family Chronicle

Back from Mesa, and the email box is chock full of great information, including this shipping offer from our friends at FamilyChronicle.com. "Order both books now and pay only one shipping fee of $4.50."

Tracing Your Civil War Ancestors
by David A. Norris
$9.95 + Shipping
Magazine, 84 pages

"If you’re researching your family history and it involves an ancestor that fought in the Civil War, this is for you! Written by noted author David A. Norris (Life During the Civil War), Tracing Your Civil War Ancestors takes an in-depth look at the records and resources available to the Civil War genealogist. From Pension Records and Veterans’ Organizations, to Photography and Maps (and everything in between), Tracing Your Civil War Ancestors will be an invaluable resource to even the most seasoned genealogist! This should be part of your research library!"

Life During the Civil War
by David A. Norris
$9.95 + shipping
Paperback, 96 pages

"Written by author David A. Norris, History Magazine's “Life During The Civil War” looks beyond the major battles and famous generals of the Civil War. In-depth and informative articles examine what Americans of the 1860s saw, heard and felt, while serving in the army or navy, or while enduring the social changes of life on the home front during the war years. From these articles that highlight large and small aspects of everyday life, the reader will gain a better understanding of how average Americans experienced the Civil War." 

 Mr. Myrt and I enjoy having both books to augment our understanding of how to do US Civil War research with the added dimension of breaking out of our 21st century mindset. Find out more at: http://familychronicle.com/books.htm.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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