Thursday, January 27, 2011

Follow-up: Rescue microfilm at NARA NYC for non-profits only

From: Marie Varrelman Melchiori, CG, CGL 
Seems your column Rescue Microfilm Being Thrown Out at NARA NYC generated lots of phone calls and emails. I just heard from Diane LeBlanc with some additional info and a correction. Seems they can only give to non-profits not individuals and it's not on a first come first served basis. The attachments are from her.
They need to wait and see if someone is interested in the whole collection before they can even think about sending individual rolls. None of this was discussed in our original phone call.
The list has grown quite a bit. She said in going through the film if Waltham already has a copy of the film they are not going to keep a second copy. Unfortunately it will not be posted until the IT people in DC are able to get to work.
You will probably hear from her since I sent your email address to her. She said she was getting phone calls from individuals asking for "all the rolls of film that belong to my family."  I figure she was really inundated with calls.
Thanks for the follow-up. The "all the rolls of film that belong to my family" researcher reminds me of the man who walked into our Family History Center and said "I heard the Mormons were doing genealogy. I stopped by to pick mine up." 

Posted below is Diane's revised announcement followed by the microfilm list. I'll also modify the original blog post with this update.

The National Archives and Records Administration has some microfilm that your non-profit organization may be interested in.  To view a complete list, please go to:

Film is available only to non-profit organizations. 

To receive consideration, please e-mail Diane LeBlanc at  Please include your name, the name of your organization, and a phone number.  Please note that the cost of shipping the film needs to be incurred by the receiving organization. 

Please note, all of these publications will continue to be made available to our local patrons via on line access or upon request from an alternate location where we have copies of these collections.

For those of you who previously viewed this list you will note that it has grown.  This is because we found that in many cases we had two copies of the same collection in our region. We will keep one copy and the other is now being made available to the non-profit community for donation.    

To receive consideration, we must have your written request by March 1, 2011.
If you have questions you may also call Diane at 781 663-0133. 
Here is the link to Diane's second attachment, a .PDF file listing available NARA NYC microfilm.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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