Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Salt Lake Institute Day #2

It was another busy day, in the DC Area Research Course at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy.

Claire Bettag, CG, CGL started the day with "Using the Serial Set in Genealogcal Research." The US Serial Set is commonly called "gov docs" and includes the American State Papers. I took copious notes including the concept that in the early years, our federal government had few departments to handle claims of individuals against the government, so they were commonly brought to the attention of Congress by one's Representative. (Senators were not then elected by their home state residents.)

Examples from the Serial Set (I took these notes on my iPad, and sent them to myself via email.)
  • A widow's request for petition previously rejected twice through Pension Bureau. Report sent to House, 47th Congress 1st session
  • 1881-82 included teacher's obituaries in state reports printed in state order.
  • Ex Docs 29-31 State Department report to Congress includes 49 pages of names of State Department clerks, 1849 lighthouse reports.
  • 52nd Congress Vol 5, 42-83 laborers to repair and check equipment.
  • Consular reports in foreign countries.
  • Annual reports from non-governmental organizations like Boy Scouts of America, Smithsonian, American Legion, DAR annual reports
  • 1854 Lawrence, Kansas town report, including listing of initial settlers.
Rick Sayre followed with "Mining Washington Area Map Repositories."
Pam Sayre discussed "Using NARA Finding Aids."

The day was capped off by a 2-hour computer lab session with both Rick and Pam Sayre. They facilitated our internet research by providing a .PDF document with clickable web addresses, a great idea for any genealogy internet class.

More tomorrow for sure!

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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