Thursday, January 13, 2011

Salt Lake Institute: Day #4

The day started bright and early, with Rick Sayre discussing how to access Territorial Papers including David W. Parker's Calendar of Papers in Washington Archives Relating to the Territories of the United States (to 1873), largely unpublished material.

I'd never considered the State Department's publications titled The Territorial Papers of the United States, because I took the titles literally. I didn't realize that Vols. XXVII and XXVIII The Territory of Wisconsin also included what is now Iowa. This spotlights the importance of studying the history of the area where an ancestor once lived.

My personal research had included the GLO Goverment Land Office records, but I enjoyed the review Rick made of the online search capabilities.

NARA Facilities are not limited to the greater DC area. Pam Sayre, CG, CGL explained and referred us to the new NARA website for descriptions of other locations designed to keep record groups close to the related locality. Some record groups such as census enumerations are found in microfilm collections at each facility. See:

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