Monday, January 24, 2011

Where in the world is...

Oddly, did not send representatives nor did they have a booth at last weekend's Mesa Family History Expo. Wonder what's up?

How can pull back from meeting customers, giving presentations and demonstrating how to use their site? had been so successful doing the free scanning of photos and documents at regional and national conferences. It made us feel they were being more customer-oriented, and less commercially focused.

What's up?

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  1. Myrt

    I'm afraid this may be the new business model at - pair this with today's Expert Connect announcement and you are seeing morph into an information services provider rather than a genealogy services vendor. Look for to pull back on other conferences and expos in the future.

    My question: so who is going to pick up the slack and speak to the genealogy "experience?" My bet is on FamilySearch.

  2. I think Ancestry is going to have to be much clearer about its strategy in the near future. Shareholders are going to want to know what's going on here.

    I also think there's a real opportunity for other companies to fill in some of the gaps. We've all heard people lamenting the fact that Ancestry is everywhere and owns everything. That appears to be changing. Let's see who wants to step in and make something of it.

  3. Genealogy's Star James Tanner responded to my article Where in the world is... with his posting Genealogy as a Business... Are we in a Recession? . My comments included the thought that Ancestry has probably chosen to spend the $10,000 it probably costs to move it's booth and personnel to Mesa on advertising during the upcoming second season of NBC's Who Do You Think You Are?

    Such TV advertising hits a larger audience, by far, and includes potential new subscribers. Those who attend genealogy conferences already know about Ancestry.

  4. Kerry,

    I think you'll find the Ancestry stockholders very happy.

    26 Jan 2010 it closed at $13.66
    26 Jan 2011 it closed at $35.37

    158% appreciation in a year ain't shabby at all.

    So far this year it is up 23+% since the first of Jan.

    Andy Hatchett

  5. That's just it, Andy. By executing their 2010 strategy, they created a lot of value for shareholders. I'm one of them. So, since that strategy was clearly successful, I'm very curious to know why they're changing it.

  6. Darn, i should have bought stock instead of annual subscriptions. :)