Sunday, February 06, 2011

DearMYRTLE's MORE Blogging for Beginners Webinar - 2 March 2011

Back by popular demand, Ol' Myrt will present the MORE Blogging for Beginners webinar on 2 March 2011. Webinars are online conferences, where participants use their computers to attend. Our friends at are hosting this special event.

See more at:
More Blogging for Beginners with DearMYRTLE.
This session's topics include adding gadgets such as links to other websites,  inserting book suggestions from, removing the Blogger search bar and inserting a Google Search box to make it easier for your readers to find previous postings. We'll also experiment with tweaking the look of your blog using the Template Designer and providing a "Print Friendly" option for your followers.

The webinar will be held live on Wednesday, March 2, 2011.
2:00 PM Eastern (U.S.)
1:00 PM Central
12:00 PM Mountain
11:00 AM Pacific
7:00 PM GMT

Here's how to attend:
  1. Register at It's free!
  2. You'll receive a confirmation email containing a link to the webinar.
  3. You'll receive a reminder during the week prior to the webinar.
  4. Listen via headset (USB headsets work best), your computer speakers or by phone.
  5. Click on the webinar link (found in confirmation and reminder emails) a few minutes prior to the start of the webinar. Arrive early as the room size is limited to the 1,000 arrivals that day.
  6. You may type in the chat portion of the GoToWebinar interface.
  7. If you wish to pose a question, the webinar host may "open your mic". Alternately, questions posed in the chat screen will be answered during the webinar or in a follow-up blog posting at DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog.
For audio assistance, visit the GoToWebinar site.

Once Geoff gets his new computer running, he'll offer the first webinar in this series, Blogging for Beginners in CD/DVD format. I'll send out an announcement as soon as this is available.


After watching the first webinar in this series, many have reported finally taking the plunge into the world of genealogy blogging. Join Ol' Myrt here once again to learn a few more tips and tricks. Register today for MORE Blogging for Beginners.
Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.


  1. All signed up. At least I won't have to be in my jammies for this one :)

  2. Can't wait.
    I've registered and will be with you at 6:00 am Thurs 4 March, Sydney time.

  3. Well that's the foreigners on board - will the Americans be joining us?