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FamilySearch Volunteers Have Indexed Over 500 Million Records

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 New France, Italy, and Jamaica Projects Added to Start 2011

It is quite amazing to think it all started in 2006. That was when FamilySearch migrated its then CD-ROM based indexing program to the web. The rest is record-making history—literally. Fueled by growing numbers of record collections from which to choose, the convenience of contributing 24/7 from any PC with web access, and the contagious spirit of wanting to give back or contribute to something very meaningful, the work continues to expand. Volunteers worldwide continue to join the cause and donate time and talent to help index the world's historic genealogical records.
In 2010, FamilySearch indexing posted the following milestones:
  • 100+ projects in 11 languages
  • Addition of Portuguese and Polish languages
  • 40,000 new active indexers (completed a batch of work), for a total of 127,000 active indexers
  • Volunteer indexers averaged 2,169 records each
  • Arbitrators averaged 17,803 records each
  • 186 million records were double keyed and arbitrated
  • Over 500 million indexed records have been published since FamilySearch indexing's inception in 2006

Since 2006, volunteers have indexed 548 million records! It has truly become a volunteer phenomenon and is the largest initiative of its kind. The records can be searched free of charge at
New Projects Added in January 2011
(See the chart below for a complete list and current status of all indexing projects.)
Recently Completed Projects
(Note: Recently completed projects have been removed from the available online indexing batches and will now go through a final completion check process. They will be published at in the near future.)
  • Argentina, Cordoba—Registros Parroquiales, 1722–1924 [Parte B]
  • Canada, Ontario—1861 Census Records [Part 2]
  • France, Quimper et Leon, St. Louis—Registres Paroissiaux, 1772–1909
  • Italia, Napolia, Castellammare di Stabia—Atti di Morte, 1809–1936 [Parte B]
  • Mexico, Oaxaca—1930 Federal Censo
  • Mexico, Puebla—1930 Federal Censo
  • U.S., Arkansas—County Marriages, 1837–1957 [IX]
  • U.S., California—County Marriages, 1850–1952 [Part B]
  • U.S., District of Columbia—County Marriages, 1811–1950 [Part A]
  • U.S., Illinois—1930 Federal Census
  • U.S., Indiana, Bartholomew County—Marriages, 1811–1959
  • U.S., Maryland—1930 Federal Census
  • U.S., Mississippi—1930 Federal Census
  • U.S., Nebraska—1885 State Census
  • U.S., New Jersey—WWII Draft Registration Cards, 1942
  • U.S., Oklahoma—Allotment Records, 1899–1907
  • U.S., Pennsylvania, Philadelphia—City Probate Records, 1837–1865
  • U.S., Texas—1910 Federal Census [Part B]
  • U.S., Wisconsin—1930 Federal Census
  • Россия, Самара—Метрические книги церкви, 1869–1917 (часть 1)
Current FamilySearch Indexing Projects, Record Language, and Percent Completion
Argentina, Balvanera—Registros Parroquiales, 1833–1934 [Parte B]

(Argentina, Balvanera—Church Records, 1833–1934 [Part B])
Spanish 87%
Argentina, Santa Fe—Registros Parroquiales, 1634–1926 [Parte A]

(Argentina, Santa Fe—Church Records, 1634–1926 [Part A])
Spanish 52%
Brasil—Registro Civil, 1852–1914 [Parte 2A]

(Brazil—Civil Registration, 1852–1914 [Part 2A])
Portuguese 2%
Brasil, Florianópolis—Registros da Igreja, 1751–1954 [Parte A]

(Brazil, Florianópolis—Church Records, 1751–1954 [Part A])
Portuguese 17%
Brasil, Pernambuco, Recife—Registro Civil, 1900–1920

(Brazil, Pernambuco, Recife—Civil Registration, 1900–1920)
Portuguese 4%
Brasil, Rio de Janeiro—Matrimonios, 1900–1910 [Piloto]

(Brazil, Rio de Janeiro—Marriages, 1900–1910)
Portuguese 57%
Canada—Passenger Lists, 1881–1922 English 5%
Canada, Bas-Canada—Recensement de 1842

(Canada, Lower Canada—1842 Census)
French 60%
Canada, New Brunswick—Deaths, 1815–1938 [Part B] English 94%
Canada, Ontario—Marriages, 1869–1927 [Part B] English 9%
Chile—Registros Civiles, 1885–1900

(Chile—Civil Registration, 1885–1900)
Spanish 39%
Chile, Concepción—Registros Civiles, 1885–1903 [Parte 2B]

(Chile, Concepcion—Civil Registration, 1885–1903 [Part 2B])
Spanish 51%
Colombia, Bucaramanga—Registros Parroquiales, 1649–1959

(Colombia, Bucaramanga—Church Records, 1649–1959)
Spanish 14%
Colombia, Marinilla—Registros Parroquiales, 1815–1959

(Colombia, Marinilla—Parish Records, 1815–1959)
Spanish 82%
Deutschland, Baden, Achern—Kirchenbücher, 1810–1869 [Part D]

(Germany, Baden, Achern—Church Books, 1810–1869 [Part D])
German 54%
El Salvador—Registros Civiles, 1835–1910

(El Salvador—Civil Registration, 1835–1910)
Spanish 33%
España, Andalucía—Registros Civiles, 1837–1870

(Spain, Andalucia—Civil Registration, 1837–1870)
Spanish 10%
España, Lugo—Registros Parroquiales, 1530–1930 [Parte 1]

(Spain, Lugo—Parish Registers, 1530–1930 [Part 1])
Spanish 43%
France, Cherbourg—Registres Paroissiaux, 1802–1907

(France, Cherbourg—Parish Registers, 1802–1907)
French 45%
France, Coutances—Registres Paroissiaux 1802–1907

(France, Coutances—Parish Registers, 1802–1907)
French 86%
France, Paris—Registres Protestants, 1612–1906 [Partie D]

(France, Paris—Protestant Registers, 1612–1906 [Part D])
French 93%
France, Saint-Lo—Registres Paroissiaux, 1802–1907

(France, Saint-Lo—Parish Registers, 1802–1907)
French 62%
Guatemala, Guatemala—Registros Civiles, 1800–1900

(Guatemala, Guatemala—Civil Registration, 1800–1900)
Spanish 18%
Guatemala, Guatemala—Registros Civiles, 1877–1900

(Guatemala, Guatemala—Civil Registration, 1877–1900)
Spanish 41%
Ireland—Tithe Applotment Books, 1824–1840 English 10%
Italia, Provincia di Vicenza—Registri Parrocchiali, 1597–1937

(Italy, Vicenza Province—Parish Registers, 1597–1937)
Italian (New)
Italy, Trento—Baptisms, 1784–1924 [Part 2A] Italian 56%
Jamaica—Church of England Parish Baptisms, 1664–1880 English (New)
Jamaica—Civil Births, 1900–1930 [Part C] English 34%
Mexico, D.F.—Bautismos, 1536–1900 [Parte A]

(Mexico, D.F.—Church Baptisms, 1536–1900 [Part A])
Spanish 4%
Mexico, Veracruz—1930 Federal Censo

(Mexico, Veracruz—1930 Federal Census)
Spanish (New)
New Zealand—Passenger Lists, 1871–1915 [Part 2A] English 11%
Nicaragua, Masaya—Registros Civiles, 1879–1984

(Nicaragua, Masaya—Civil Registration, 1879–1984)
Spanish 3%
Norge—Tinglysningskort, 1640–1903

(Norway—Probate Index Cards, 1640–1903)
Norwegian 4%
Perú, Lima—Registros Civiles, 1887–1921 [Parte A]

(Peru, Lima—Civil Registration, 1887–1921 [Part A])
Spanish 94%
Portugal, Setúbal—Registros da Igreja, 1581–1910

(Portugal, Setúbal—Church Records, 1581–1910)
Portuguese 27%
República Dominicana—Nacimientos Civiles, 1828–1906

(Dominican Republic—Civil Births, 1828–1906)
Spanish 1%
Russland, Sankt Petersburg—Kirchenbuchduplikat, 1833–1885

(Russia, Saint Petersburg—Parish Register Duplicates, 1833–1885)
German 44%
South Africa, Cape Province—Church Records, 1660–1970 Afrikaans, Dutch, English 71%
Sverige, Södermanland—Kyrkoböcker, till 1860 [Del 1]

(Sweden, Södermanland—Church Records, to 1860 [Part 1])
Swedish 81%
Sverige, Uppsala—Kyrkoböcker, till 1860 [Del 1]

(Sweden, Uppsala—Church Records, to 1860 [Part 1])
Swedish 83%
Sverige, Örebro—Kyrkoböcker, till 1860 [Del 1]

(Sweden, Örebro—Church Records, to 1860 [Part 1])
Swedish 33%
U.K., Essex—Parish Registers, 1538–1900 [Part A] English 17%
U.K., Manchester—Parish Registers, 1813–1925 [Part B] English 92%
U.K., Warwickshire—Parish Registers, 1538–1900 [Part 2 Adv] English,

Old English
Uruguay—Registros Civiles (Nacimientos), 1879–1930

(Uruguay—Civil Registration (Births), 1879–1930)
Spanish 12%
U.S.—Naval Enlistment Registers, 1855–1891 English 61%
U.S., Alabama—County Marriages, 1809–1950 [Part A] English 74%
U.S., Arkansas—WWII Draft Registration, 1942 English 50%
U.S., Illinois—County Marriages, 1810–1934 [Part A] English 93%
U.S., Indiana, Elkhart County—Marriages, 1811–1959 English (New)
U.S., Iowa—County Births, 1880–1935 [Part A] English 25%
U.S., Iowa—County Marriages, 1838–1992 [Part A] English 73%
U.S., Massachusetts—1930 Federal Census English (New)
U.S., Michigan—1930 Federal Census English (New)
U.S., Michigan—County Marriages, 1820–1956 [Part A] English (New)
U.S., Minnesota—County Marriages, 1860–1949 [Part A] English 83%
U.S., New Jersey—County Marriages, 1682–1956 [Part 1] English 29%
U.S., New York—1892 State Census [Part 2] English 67%
U.S., New York—Marriage Licenses, 1908–1938 [Part A] English 46%
U.S., New York—Marriages, 1908–1935 [Part A] English 47%
U.S., New York—WWII Draft Registration Cards, 1942 English (New)
U.S., North Carolina—1930 Federal Census English (New)
U.S., North Carolina—County Marriages, 1762–1959 [Part B] English 39%
U.S., North Carolina—Freedmen Letters, 1862–1870 English 32%
U.S., Oklahoma—County Marriages, 1891–1959 [Part B] English 91%
U.S., Oklahoma—Land Allotment Records, 1899–1907 [Part B] English 9%
U.S., Puerto Rico—1910 Censo Federal

(U.S., Puerto Rico—1910 Federal Census)
Spanish 25%
U.S., Puerto Rico—Nacimientos Civiles, 1836–1930 [Parte B]

(U.S., Puerto Rico—Civil Births, 1836–1930 [Part B])
Spanish 8%
U.S., Tennessee—County Marriages, 1790–1950 [Part B] English 29%
U.S., Tennessee—County Marriages, 1790–1950 [Part C] English 62%
U.S., Texas—Birth Records, 1903-1934 [Part D] English 79%
U.S., Texas—County Marriages, 1837–1977 [Part B] English 70%
U.S., Vermont—Vital Records, 1760–1954 [Part B] English (New)
Venezuela—Nacimientos Civiles, 1873–1909

(Venezuela—Civil Births, 1873–1909)
Spanish 3%
Venezuela, Mérida—Registros Parroquiales, 1654–1992 [Parte 2]

(Venezuela, Merida—Parish Registers, 1654–1992 [Part 2])
Spanish 39%
Österreich, Wiener Meldezettel, 1890–1925

(Austria, Vienna—Population Cards, 1890–1925)
German 40%
Украина, Киев—Метрические книги русской православной церкви, 1843–1845 [Часть B]

(Ukraine, Kiev—Orthodox Consistory Church Books, 1843–1845 [Part B])
Russian 50%
Current FamilySearch Partner Projects, Record Language, and Percent Completion
België—Burgerlijke Stand, 1851–1900 [Deel 3A]

(Belgium—Civil Registration, 1851–1900 [Part 3A])
Dutch, Flemish 10%
Belgique—Registres Civile, 1851–1900 [Partie A]

(Belgium—Civil Registration, 1851–1900 [Part A])
French 78%
Brasil, Minas Gerais—Church Records, 1706-1952 Portuguese 1%
Canada, Ontario, Toronto—Trust Cemeteries, 1826–1935 English 22%
Deutschland, Westfalen, Minden—Volkszählung, 1880–1900

(Germany, Westphalia, Minden—City Censuses, 1880–1900)
German 12%
España, Avila, Barroman—Registros Parroquiales, 1550–1930

(Spain, Avila, Barroman—Parish Registers, 1550–1930)
Spanish 47%
España, Malaga—Registros Civiles, 1846–1870

(Spain, Malaga—Civil Registration, 1846–1870)
Spanish 54%
France, Quimper et Leon, Brest, Saint Pierre—Registres Paroissiaux, 1772–1909

(France, Quimper et Leon, Brest, Saint Pierre—Parish Registers, 1772–1909)
French (New)
Norway—1875 Census [Part B] Norwegian 78%
Philippines, Lingayen, Dagupan—Registros Parroquiales, 1615–1982

(Philippines, Lingayen, Dagupan—Church Registers, 1615–1982)
Spanish 87%
Polska—Księgi Metrykalne—Diecezja Lublin, 1902–1945

(Poland, Lublin Diocese—Church Books, 1902–1945)
Polish 54%
U.K., Norfolk—Parish Registers, 1538–1900 English 67%
U.S., Colorado—1885 State Census English 3%
U.S., Ohio—Tax Records, Post 1825 [Part 4] English 36%
U.S., Utah, Salt Lake County—Birth Registers, 1890–1908 English 69%
U.S., Utah, Salt Lake County—Death Registers, 1848–1940 English 33%

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