Friday, February 04, 2011

Geneabloggers BlogTalk Radio a big hit

If ever there is a voice you'd love to hear, it would be Thomas MacEntee hosting his new Geneabloggers BlogTalk internet radio show. You'd never guess tonight's show was his first, but then he can definitely talk the talk. And he's got the right stuff to do it well.

One of the smartest entrepreneurs in the world of genealogy, Thomas brilliantly rode the wave of media popularity by dovetailing his new show with THE genealogy television event of the season. Styled to coincide with the premier of NBC's Who Do You Think You Are? - Season 2, Thomas' BlogTalk internet radio features call-in guests who discuss their impressions of both shows:

  • Regarding WDYTYA: Most applauded the fact that after each commercial break, the  Who Do You Think You Are? - Season 2 went right on to the next segment, without wasting precious time on recapping what had already occurred during earlier segments in the hour. This provided more time for the "meat" of the research process and historical context to come in to view.
  • Regarding Thomas' BlogTalk Show:  Hands down, folks loved Thomas' new baby. Many offered to assist in donating to offset the costs of production. Now that's motivation.
The Geneabloggers Blog Talk internet radio show broadcast live from 8-10pm Central US time catching east coast US residents who had just finished watching the Vanessa Williams  Who Do You Think You Are? episode. As the 2 hour BlogTalk radio limit approached, one of Thomas' California-based callers remarked it would be another 30 minutes before the NBC show aired in her time zone. That's didn't discourage her from participating in the BlogTalk chat room associated with Thomas' show.

Where usually an inaugural show tends to wobble in quality, instead the Geneabloggers BlogTalk internet radio show came out of the starting gate running full speed ahead. No stumbles here, probably owing to Thomas' personality and involvement in genealogy since childhood. Ol' Myrt here found the entire show engaging and informative. Thomas did a great job interweaving announcements about what's happening in the world of genealogy and interacting with folks in the BlogTalk chat room.

You can catch the archived show using the radio player following my signature.


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  1. You were great, too, Myrt! Enjoyed listening to your conversations with Thomas on the call-in!

  2. I also found the Geneabloggers' BlogTalk Radio show very interesting. I couldn't figure out how to see the chat that was going on at the same time. It is good to know that it is also archived so that if you miss the show or a portion of it you can go back to listen.

    It was also wonderful to hear the voices of genealogists that you only know by name, or from their blog and/or Facebook.

    I know I will plan on watching the show and then tuning into the radio show each week.

  3. Janet, it took Ol' Myrt a while to realize there was a chat room associated with Thomas' BlogTalk internet radio show. All I had to do was SCROLL DOWN page, and there was a split screen with the room list on the right, and the chat dialog box on the left.

    Hope this helps you out for next week's show.