Friday, February 04, 2011

Not yet listed at Geneabloggers?

In my previous blog post, I mentioned how genealogy bloggers have become a strong lobbying group.

Within four minutes of publishing, two people wrote to inquire about joining the Geneabloggers group. Also Geneabloggers' Thomas MacEntee wrote to explain there are now 1,689 (not 1,400) genealogy blogs listed. Gosh, how's this girl to keep up? It's raining blogs -- genealogy blogs, mind you!

Not yet registered with Geneabloggers? Join the movement. All history or genealogy blogs are welcome to register. Go to and click suggest a blog, as shown below.

Concerned your blog might not qualify? It will! If you are blogging about any aspect of your family history, how to do research, archiving, photo genealogy, kids genealogy, ethnic research, traditions, locality research, etc., your blog should become part of the Geneabloggers community. Even if you post only once a month, your blog should be listed at Geneabloggers. Even if you did a series of posts in the past, but haven't been blogging lately, your blog should be listed at Geneabloggers. Thomas makes a weekly blog post announcing the newest members. This is another way for folks to find your blog. (It's the easiest way for Ol' Myrt to find you!)

Join the Genea-Bloggers' Facebook Group where you'll find out about all sorts of things from your fellow members like:
  • a new book announcement
  • a link about how to promote your blog
  • cautions about republishing someone else's blog
  • new blog categories
  • prompts for 52 Weeks of
Follow Geneabloggers on Twitter

Let's continue to grow into a strong, cohesive unit. All for one and one for all. Together we can get the word out about all things genealogical.

Happy famiyl tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.



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  1. Thanks again Myrt! I was wondering why all of a sudden I'm getting emails about lots of great new blogs! Thanks to you we may break the 1,700 barrier by tomorrow!