Monday, February 14, 2011

RootsTech 2011: A generation in technology is less than 12 months

More a technology conference than a genealogy conference, RootTech 2011 offered different things in the exhibit hall. The following "sofa" area was used for impromptu "un-conferencing sessions" where folks could explore a topic together by hooking a computer up to the large flat screen TV, circled in red below. Sure beats crowding around a tiny monitor!

Tami Glatz, President of the Second Life Chapter, Association of Professional Genealogists did this for about an hour, and pulled in the interest of quite a few conference attendees.

Heads up, NGS and FGS. We've got to move into the 21st century. I agree with several attendees who commented that we need to shorten the time between a "call for papers" and an NGS and FGS Conference. Right now that timeline is about 18 months, which is greater than an entire "generation" in technology. You are going to have to just trust that some of the top names in genealogy/technology will be able to come up with relevant, inspiring presentations featuring the latest tools, which weren't invented at the time of your original "call for papers" deadline. Just leave a spot for them on your schedule.

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