Friday, February 25, 2011

Webinar, Webinar: Everyone's talking webinars

Introducing GeneaWebinars

We keep hearing about genealogy webinars held here, there and everywhere on the Internet.   Thankfully,  GeneaWebinars provides a single place to find out about upcoming events. Imagine, one calendar, and links to information on each webinar presentation in a single, centralized spot on the web!

  • Researchers who want to attend genealogy webinars (online live seminars).
  • Societies and companies hosting genealogy webinars.
  • Individual presenters advertising  their upcoming genealogy webinars.


Researchers add the blog to their blog reader (perhaps Google Reader) to receive the latest announcements about upcoming webinars. Researchers may also join the GeneaWebinars Google Calendar to receive updates, and reminders as they are set by each organizer. Researchers switching between computers simply visit for the latest genealogy webinar information.

Webinar organizers and individual presenters can avoid booking an event at the same time another genealogy webinar is scheduled by posting each virtual meeting on the GeneaWebinar's Google Calendar. Webinar organizers and individual presenters may request access to the calendar and the blog, by simply sending a request.

Ol' Myrt here has done her part by setting up, the blog and the calendar with the webinars coming up during the next two months. Now I can step back as each webinar organizer maintains his part of the calendar, and posts info on the blog about upcoming events. 

There is so much to learn. Isn't it great that commuting won't be an issue with these genealogy webinars? It is amazing what the Internet can do for us.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy. 



  1. Myrt, You are a star.

    This will be such a useful resource for people like me who are potential webinar junkies.

    I just hope the time zone differences will enable we Aussies to take part in some of the great learning opportunities on offer.

    Thank you for organising this.

    Regards, Jill

  2. Hooray for you Myrt! This is the perfect tool for this genealogy education junkie!

  3. Great Idea!

    Now- Can you color code the Free one from the Paid ones?


    Andy Hatchett

  4. Color coding the genealogy webinars that are free versus those requiring a registration fee is a great idea. I don't know if Google Calendars provide an option to color code.

    In the mean time, the webinars on the Feb and Mar calendar are free, except those provided by Family Tree Magazine.

    I don't know if charging for webinars will remain a constant. Perhaps the webinar hosts should merely charge for handouts.

    As Thomas MacEntee suggested to me in a discussion about charging versus not charging, not charging for webinars cuts down on tech support issues and refund emails if folks with older computers cannot attend.

    Who knows how the genealogy community will embrace this technology...

    I am glad so much is happening in this arena. There are 4 webinars this coming week, and 17 scheduled thus far in March, AWESOME!!!

  5. Make that FIVE webinars this week! Ol' Myrt here forgot her own. :::giggle:::