Thursday, February 10, 2011

“We’re Related” Integrated in New Facebook Game - Family Village

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“We’re Related” Integrated in New Facebook Game  - Family Village

Farmville™-like game first social game tying to real-world content discovery

Provo, UT—February 10, 2011 — Funium announced today the integration of its forthcoming Facebook game, Family Village, with FamilyLink’s We’re Related on Facebook, a top 300 social application. Still in limited alpha development, Family Village is the first free Facebook-based game to connect and unite real families as players explore their family trees while building an online FarmVille™ and CityVille™-like community. FamilyLink’s massive database provides Family Village players with access to billions of online records for a unique family discovery experience of their ancestors and living relatives. These genealogical and family history records contain information such as birth and death dates, birthplaces, and much more, and tie in with game characters providing users with a realistic and deep connection with their relatives.

“Most computer games eventually lose their luster for players who reach some prescribed goal. Even FarmVille average usage is starting to shrink,” stated Jeff Wells, Funium CEO. “Conversely, Family Village engages players with not only Facebook friends, but living relatives in a quest to discover their ancestors and family history.”

While players have fun building fortune, houses, businesses, immigrating family members, and assigning jobs, Family Village matches inputted data with relevant real-world documents about the users’ living and deceased relatives such as census records, newspaper articles, marriage records, and other documents. Players can then examine the records, print them, or store them in their personal game library.

About Family Village   
Family Village is the premier online offering from entertainment company, Funium. Family Village is the first Facebook game that enables players to participate in family discovery about their relatives. Users can explore their own family tree while building an online game community connecting real families. Integrated with wildly popular FamilyLink applications, the game enables families to connect with billions of records and people using the Facebook platform.

About FamilyLink
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