Tuesday, March 01, 2011

2011 March Organization Checklist

It's the first day of a brand new month, and time for the latest installment of Ol' Myrt's monthly organization checklist. (And you thought I'd forgotten, eh?!) HA!

The 2011 DearMYRTLE March Organization Checklist is hot of the press, and ready for your immediate review.

This month you'll tackle binders G-L (or computer folders, as ScrapyGen prefers). You'll continue attaching digitized photos and scanned documents to the appropriate ancestors in your genealogy software program  The photo at the right is of my maternal grandmother Frances Irene (Goering) Froman McDonnell, who was born 22 Aug 1905 in Chariton, Lucas, Kansas, and died 12 Jan 1974 in Renton, King, Washington.

As you attach those files, you'll begin to notice holes in your research, and I'd like you to create a "To- Do" list for later reference. Although we won't be doing research per se, Ol' Myrt here encourages you to review several online articles about analyzing your work. This month's organization checklist also includes a screen shot of the type of "To Do" lists one genealogy program can provide.

This month you are also challenged to visit your local Family History Center (FHC) and become familiar with ordering microfilm or microfiche of original court or parish records from the places where your ancestors once lived. There are screen shots of the online Family History Library Catalog.

I am continually amazed by the number of genealogists who haven't stepped foot in a FHC. That's where I've done most of my research of church records from Bisham, England and various places in what we now think of as Germany. There's nothing like ordering microfilm when it comes to saving BIG bucks over traveling to those distance places in person. The Family History Center near you might not have the microfilm  you require, but for a few dollars, you can have them order a copy for delivery within a few days or weeks, depending on your location.

No man is an island -- neither are genealogists. Please take my advice about joining with other genealogists - through local genealogy societies, GeneaWebinars (some 20 live webinars scheduled this month), GeneaBloggers BlogTalk Radio (live on Friday nights, and archived versions available 24/7) and the Second Life virtual meetings including a monthly APG Chapter meeting.

Good luck! Keep Ol' Myrt posted on your progress. 

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.


  1. Myrt:
    I love your Organization checklists,
    Now for a fire to be built under me to just follow them instead of making more paper piles to be filed!
    Thank You,
    Nancy at AGS

  2. Where can you find the schedule for Second Life genealogy groups - I recently signed up for Second Life but could not figure out when meetings were. Thanks for any assistance.

  3. Tessa, once you get into Second Life, search for JUST GENEALOGY. We have meetings there on Monday nights at 5:30pm Second Life time (same as Pacific US time.) Tuesdays we have another meeting at 6pm in the same place.

    Search for people to make friends:

    Clarise Beamont (me)
    Genie Weezles

  4. I am glad I found these checklists. I've been on research hold for a while and really didn't know where to start back up but these will sure give me a kick start. Thank you so much. I also love your blog and your blogging webinars; I'm in the process of starting a genealogy blog and more. Thanks

  5. @Milfireguy,
    Do let Ol' Myrt know when your blog goes live. I'd like spotlight it after you've got a few posts published.

    Good luck!

  6. While downloading ALL this years organization lists, I noted the picture of the little girl and her doll buggy. It's a wee bit before my time, but I did have a hat and coat somewhat like that at about the same age as I am in my id photo.

    Just thought I'd share that bit of nostalgia.

  7. That little girl is my maternal grandmother, Frances Irene Goering who was born 22 Aug 1905 in Chariton, Lucas, Iowa. I love that pic!