Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GeneaWebinars update 15 March 2011

February 25th we launched the GeneaWebinars.com site complete with a calendar and blog posting space to spotlight upcoming genealogy webinars. All known genealogy webinar hosts and presenters have access to the blog and the calendar. Reader response has been overwhelmingly positive, so positive that we now have a dedicated Facebook page.

The Scrappy Genealogist said... 
This is a very cool and timely blog idea. It was such a smart move to make it possible for others to update. Just last night I put links in my search bar for Legacy and California webinars so that I would periodically check them, but this is much more convenient. Love it!
Angela said... 
I love having the calendar and contact information all in one place!  
Alice Kane said... 
Thank you, Myrt, for setting this up! The cross-pollination opportunities for the genealogy community are staggering!
Webinars are any type of online seminar including those described on the How it works tab at GeneaWebinars. Some webinars require a fee, others are free. Many webinars are archived for viewing later. A society or company may sponsor a webinar, but individual presenters are now moving into producing their own webinars.
There are two types of live events:

#1 The "1 computer to many computers" model where individuals can tune in from any computer with internet access to view the distant presenter's computer screen.

#2 The "1 computer to 1 computer" model where attendees physically gather in a meeting room equipped with a single computer with internet access to view the distant presenter's computer screen.

As members of the GeneaWebinars  group, we can share information about technology. With one calendar, we can ensure we're not stepping on toes when it comes to scheduling webinars. As a lobbying group, we can influence our industry.

We invite prospective attendees to check out the offerings - over 25 this month alone!

We invite prospective webinar hosts and virtual speakers to join GeneaWebinars to get the word out about their upcoming events. Isn't technology wonderful?

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.


  1. Are all these webinars free or is there a cost for some?

  2. Hiya Barbara,
    Yes, some are free and some charge a fee.

    Either way, it is an economical way to learn more about our craft.

  3. Ab-so-lutely BRILLIANT! I'm madly catching up on what webinars I want to register for and cross-checking with those I already have. Thank you, thank you, thank you!