Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Organization Checklist Tab

From: Brenda

Can you please post Feb & March under you organization tab on your blog page? Enjoyed the [MORE Blogging] webinar on Legacy today also.
Thanks for reminding Ol' Myrt here. In addition to creating certain blog posts, like the ones announcing the February and March Organization Checklists, I've got to remember to copy/paste the link and a few interesting tidbits to the "tab" or "page", to make it easier for people to locate them in my blog. 
When someone goes to my blog, he is at my "home page" which shows only the most recent blog posting. The monthly archives is located on the left navigation bar. But by employing the use of's "pages" option, I can corral the popular organization checklists on what appears as the "organization" tab, circled in red below. Clicking there, opens a blog page where I add the links and descriptions for each of the organization checklists. 
This is how I can keep those important blog articles in an easy-to-find spot, without making my blog visitors use the "Google Search" box.

Those yellow circles spotlight where I can modify parts of my blog layout from the "front side" if I so choose. If you visit my blog, you won't see those little crossed tools.
From the screen shot, you can see the tabs for my disclosure statement, beginning lessons, Myrt's store and a page explaining my virtual appearances offerings.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.


  1. Thanks, I didn't realise that (1) I could add tabs and (2) it would be so easy!

  2. Myrt,
    You may like to know people like your Organization Checklists here in Anchorage! They are great!
    Thanks, Nancy