Friday, April 01, 2011

Preserve it or lose it

Tuesday night at the Just Genealogy fire pit in Second Life we talked about the challenges of preserving your research and the importance of providing financial resources for its disposition after you pass away. Timing was more appropriate than I realized, for the very next day I learned of the death of a dear friend from the AOL Genealogy Forum chat host mentoring team. Now we're all trying to figure out how to take care of her books, websites and compiled genealogies as it may be her distant family members are not interested.

Be sure to read a fictitious, but alarming close to home, article titled Cleaning Mother's House by Michael John Neill where he asks "have you thought about what will happen to YOUR genealogy materials?" 

Among the resources we referenced during the Second Life chat were:
See Light Impressions

 Additional links to consider:

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  1. Thanks for providing the link to the Light Impressions store. Since attending a workshop on photo preservation last week, I've been looking for PAT materials. The stores listed in the workshop handout didn't always specify the products that met the PAT test. Now I have a place to order my storage supplies!