Tuesday, May 03, 2011

DearMYRTLE’s Labeling Digital Photos Workshop Webinar© archived

Available for immediate download from Lulu.com.

Thanks for the positive feedback about the archived version of Ol' Myrt's Workshop Webinars. Today I've configured another entry ~ DearMYRTLE’s Labeling Digital Photos Workshop Webinar©.

"Using PaintShop Pro, Ol' Myrt here demonstrates how genealogists can add a border and text to label ancestral photos and proof documents, and save the files with meta data describing the date, location and subject of the image. Starting with you, there will be no more unidentified photos on your family tree. "

If iPads and tablets become the accepted format for 21st century photo albums, then we need to do more than save the scanned images of ancestral portraits with a appropriate file names. When I snuggle up with my grandchildren, and let them flip through the photo albums on my iPad, the names of the people in each pic need to show up on the screen.

During this webinar, Ol' Myrt show you how to do this!

  • Wanda: "Thank you! I enjoyed your informative webinar. You do an excellent job presenting and interacting with typed comments from participants. -- I signed up for the Jul 2 webinar: NSDAR - Resources for your Revolutionary War Ancestors with DearMYRTLE, SoCal GenSoc Jamboree Extension Series."
  • Linda: "Thank you very much Pat for the very informative webinar.  I do enjoy these immensely and add to my desire to develop a career in genealogy someday. I look forward to webinars dealing with the MacPro users."
My response to Linda -- how I wish the Mac users would begin doing some geneawebinars! My only step into the Mac world is several iPods and the iPad. 

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.


  1. I wanted to let you know that I took this seminar the last time you gave it and it was both extremely educational and interesting. You did a superb job of simplifying some complex concepts so that everyone could understand.

    I use Corel Paint Shop Pro X3 snd usually only use the One-Step Fix feature. I like Corel because I think it does the best red-eye of all the programs I have tried, but it's interface makes it look more complicated than it is. I was astounded to find out how easy it was to add lables and other text to my photos.

    Thanks again for a great webinar!

  2. I have just viewed your archived Webinar for Labeling Digital Photos. I appreciate it being available at reasonable cost. I now have another project to work on with all of my scanned pictures. How they are named is very important, as each person may have a different relationship to the person. I saw several things I will be working on. Thanks again for having available through Lulu.

  3. I missed this webinar so was pleased to see that you made it available on Lulu. I have found all your webinars most interesting so look forward to watching this one tonight. Glad to help you with your Citrix Webinar costs via Lulu, brilliant idea, hope you get lots of downloads - Tony.