Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mr. Myrt's top 10 reasons for liking my iPad

Shhh! Don't tell, but Mr. Myrt is getting an iPad2 for his birthday. For weeks I've been suggesting power tools, genealogy books, research retreats and such. To each, he replies "Honey, I don't really need anything -- no need to make a fuss."

Seriously, what do you get the man who has everything including a white Stetson, boots and every western-style belt buckle for his birthday? If he's a genealogist, consider an iPad.

Here are the top ten reasons why Mr. Myrt likes my iPad and actually indicated by his shy, half-grin at lunch today that he'd secretly like one of his own for his birthday.

10. The app makes it easy to see the condos for sale in the immediate areas as we drive around looking for a smaller place in Virginia. We can check prices and view pics from inside via the Internet. No need to bother a realtor as we get accustomed to a new locale.

9. The Civil War Today app - Mr. Myrt has been sneaking peeks at this digital newspaper to keep up with what happened each day in history.

8. The National Archives app (from the UK) has documents, maps, and war effort images to name a few. My DearREADERS certainly know by now that Mr. Myrt loves history.

7. The built-in Photos app - iPads have become the 21st century family photo album with slide show capabilities, making it easy to have your family portraits and carry them around with you virtually everywhere.

6. Internet access with our Verizon HotSpot device makes checking email and going to websites quick, and those pages are a lot easier to view than with our smaller, internet-capable LG Touch phones. (We're upgrading to the next generation iPhones later this summer, as anniversary presents for each other.)

5. The $9.95 (each) Notes, Pages and Keynote Apps make word processing, spreadsheet and presentation documents readily available and just as easy to edit.

4. The 10-hour iPad battery life is a lot better than the 90 minutes Mr. Myrt gets from his laptop. No more lugging around additional (and expensive!) computer batteries, or needing to plug in to keep the laptop juiced up.

3. The iPad2 has a built-in camera for taking digital photos on the fly. We have yet to experiment at archives and libraries, but taking shots at cemeteries and battlefield sites will be easy with just one digital tool to carry around. The iPad 2 WiFi 3G for Verizon weighs a mere 1.34 pounds.

2. Ancestry's Family Tree App brings one's compiled genealogy, notes, attached photos and documents to view in pedigree or family view.


1. Southern California's Jamboree App is the wave of the future for big genealogy conferences. Imagine having the map of the convention center & vendor hall, the schedule, speaker bios and the handouts all in a hand-held. Easier to read than a small iPhone view. Mr. Myrt is really excited about this app. Thanks Paula and Leo!

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.


  1. I have at least another twenty reasons, but I do love that Civil War app.

    And, my iPad2 effortlessly hooked to a projector for a Keynote Photograph presentation at my FIL's memorial. Made me look good.

    Lucky Mr. Myrt and Happy SHHHH Birthday! Mr. Maven, while skeptical at first, loves his.


  2. Did you use the white USB cord to connect to the computer projector?

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my iPad2. I've had it for about 3 weeks now - and it hardly ever leaves my side. I too have downloaded the Civil War app (really cool). But I also use it to access documents that I have in my Dropbox - so I have access to them no matter where I'm at. Fantabulous. I also purchased the cable to connect to my projector for my genealogy speeches. I too have many other reasons that I LOVE this device!

  4. Myrt - I bought both the USB adapter and the HDMI dual connector. I used the HDMI, as the presentation was looped and I did not drain the iPad battery.