Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NYC regional repositories

During today's Genea-Quilters' Field Trip we met the nicest gal Rita, who has New York City research challenges. She and her co-worker are coming to the 2011 NGS Family History Conference that starts here tomorrow. It will be their first genealogy conference, and cannot imagine why we'd need to have an exhibit/vendor hall. (They'll figure it out soon enough... but I digress.)

Ol' Myrt here told Rita I'd look up the book Genealogical Resources In New York revised and edited by Estelle M. Guzik. I couldn't remember the title at the time we were talking. It took me quite a while to rustle up the link to the book. It used to be sold through Avotaynu, and they say it is available through the publisher. However, a thorough review of that side was not fruitful. I did manage to find several booksellers through Amazon.com who offer the book.

Now I am beginning to realize the Jewish Genealogical Society keeps the list of genealogy resources online, rather than updating the book -- a good move by the way.

Your ancestors don't have to be Jewish to benefit from your review of the repositories in greater New York City, as you can tell from the table of contents for Estelle's book found at: 
But it might be just as good to study the online listing of resources at the Genealogical Repositories in the New York Metropolitan Region page.

And if you are ever fortunate enough to visit Charleston, South Carolina, stop in at People, Places & Quilts at 1 Henrietta Street, Charleston. It may be "only the satellite store" of the main store in Summerville, but Rita and her co-worker made our visit very enjoyable.

And our drive through the old parts of this gracious city were breath-taking. The old houses are simply gorgeous, with little gardens, tall oaks dripping with moss, stately columns, summer porches with ceiling fans. The magnolias are in full bloom, and all is well in this beautiful old city.

Rita, I hope to see you during the NGS Conference at my booth #518 GeneaWebinars, Genea-Quilters and DearMYRTLE. Thanks for being YOU!

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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  1. Thanks for this tip, Myrt.
    I have an elusive New Yorker in the tree and being from the southern hemishphere don't know much at all about US records. I will study the links before I head to NYC late in the year.