Sunday, June 12, 2011

Are These "Orphaned Heirlooms" From Your Family Tree?

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: Met this gal at the NGS Conference in May. Thought I'd pass this info on to my DearREADERS. Joy tells me that a number of free memberships to her site will be awarded on the 4th of July. announces important acquisitions to their family heirloom exchange.  An Andrew Jackson signed patent document, an 1868 Atlanta occupation muster roll and a 1799 engraved rapier are just a few of hundreds of family related original items that have been added to the website in the last few weeks.
"It is so exciting when items like these come out of the woodwork," said Joy Shivar, owner of the service.  "We never know what the antique dealers will present next." was a spotlighted vendor at the recent National Genealogical Society's annual conference in Charleston, SC.  Their display exhibited examples of original family-related antiques and artifacts or "orphaned heirlooms" available through the site.
"We call it 'antique hunting in the family tree'" explained Shivar.
The $20.00 annual fee entitles users access to all of the information about the artifacts on the site as well as the "surname notification service".  Users are notified by e-mail as items appear that match member's specific surname interest - an important feature as there is usually only one of each item available.  Members may also list family related items for free.
For more information on, visit the site, call 704-948-1912 or e-mail

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