Friday, July 15, 2011

GeneaSong Challenge: If I only had a clue

This parody was first sung at the Manasota PAF Users Group, back in 1998, where it wasn't just about PAF. Our creative group was into sharing, and I merely had the joy of coordinating our learning efforts. I'll share this song TONIGHT as guest host of the GeneaBloggers Radio show audience. Click here to find out how to log in, listen and chat.
Ol' Myrt here is hereby challenging Geneabloggers BlogTalk Radio's usual host, Thomas MacEntee, to a GeneaSong Challenge. The rules are simple: Each participant must come up with a GeneaSong, and be willing to share it on GeneaBloggers BlogTalk Radio show. I just know Thomas, the Genealogy Ninja is up to the challenge, as we have heard him sing during previous broadcasts.

Here's Ol' Myrt's entry into the contest. (Fortunately I won't be judged on my costume or stage presence!) Let's just hope Piers Morgan isn't listening in tonight.

 My apologies to the Wizard of Oz Folks…

By DearMYRTLE, Your friend in genealogy.
© 1998, 2011 All Rights Reserved

I could while away the hours
Consulting with some web sites
Of family history fame

I could save the data to my disc
And share it my Uncle Fritz
If I only had a clue!

There’s my mother’s second cousin
Our e-mails would be buzzing
If I could understand

How to trace things back to Adam
Or at least beyond my Gramma
If I only had a clue!

OH WHY, just tell me why
The internet is popular with some
I can’t find a thing perhaps because
I am all THUMBS….
And haven’t begun.

I’d be absolutely grateful
When tackling the plateful
Of family history sites

If you’d be so very gentle
When discussing things potential
So I’d surely get a clue!

Though I wrote this parody 13 years ago, it seems the challenges of learning new technology seem just are the same. Dealing with GEDCOM data import issues and choosing Google Plus over Facebook have hit us just this past week. Gosh with Google Hangouts becoming the norm, I'll have to put on my makeup just to look presentable to my peeps. (I never did favor video phones back in 1998 when I first heard about them.) Who knows what the next 13 years will bring?!!

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.


  1. I enjoyed the program tonight, great guests, thanks.

  2. You have no "clue" how much I love song parodies! I may just have to come up with a song parody to a song from a Broadway musical just to get under Thomas' skin!