Sunday, July 10, 2011

Judging a blog: Part 2 Categories

Yesterday's blog post introduced this topic. The International Society of Family History Writers and Editors is considering a new expanded category for genealogy blogs. This is current lineup of categories for the annual Excellence in Writing contest:

Category I - Columns. This is for columns published on a regular basis, in any medium, published in 2011. Entries must be shorter than 1,000 words.

Category II Articles. These articles must have been published in 2011 in a journal, magazine, newsletter, or web site. Entries cannot exceed 5,000 words.

Category III - Genealogy Research Story. This category is for original, unpublished articles between 1,000 and 3,000 words. The articles should focus on telling the story of genealogical research using one of these topics: ”The Search for ” “Sorting Out the Entangled Roots of…,” or “Encounters with a Family Skeleton.” 

Category IV - Want-to-be Writer/Columnist. Entrants in this category aspire to be writers or columnists in the field of genealogy/family or local history. The submissions in this category are original and unpublished, between 500 and 1,000 words.

Category V – Unpublished material by published author. This category is for original unpublished articles by previously published authors. The subject should be genealogically-related but NOT one of the subjects in Category III. Entries should be between 500 and 3,000 words.

Genealogy blogs have been entered in Category 1, 2 and 3 in the past.

Blogs - Best ancestor report
Blogs - Best series
Blogs - Best site review
Blogs - Best software review
Blogs - Best of the newbies (blogs less than a year old)
Blogs - Best ethnic
Blogs - Best general interest
Blogs - Best international
Blogs - Best society
Blogs - Best vendor blog
Blogs - Best human interest
Blogs - Best how-to
Blogs - Best overall
Blogs - Best industry standard
Blogs - Best government
Blogs - Best institutional

What about condensing some of the blog categories set up by Thomas MacEntee over at GeneaBloggers - Blogs by Type? Think back on the genealogy blogs you read the most and then post a comment here about categories you'd like to see. Thanks for being part of the conversation. 

My bottom line goal is to encourage genealogy bloggers, and to get the word out about the fine work they do.

Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. Since my own blog sort of defies categorization, I'm probably not the most qualified person to comment...but these look fine to me.

    The only one I'd wonder about is "industry standard." I'm not really sure what that means, but it sounds like something on which I could imagine an endless listserv argument.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful way to recognize genealogy bloggers who contribute their knowledge to a wide spectrum of people.

  3. Great idea. Here's another category suggestion: Blogs - Best photo

    A photo says more than a thousand words, and this is especially true when it comes to family history. Old family photos are such a priceless treasure that deserves some attention.