Saturday, August 27, 2011

ACOM ( Downtrend

Investors Business Daily reports a downward momentum with (ACOM) stock. Wonder what this means?

Chip Brian reports that " is currently below its 50-day moving average of $37.37 and below its 200-day moving average of $34.69. Look for these moving averages to decline to confirm the company's downward momentum." Click here for details.

To be fair, one could compare ACOM's performance to that of other major players in the industry and to the general stock performance. We know that Wall Street has taken a beating in the last few weeks.

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  1. Too bad it doesn't pay dividends. We could make it pay for our memberships!

  2. In a way it has paid dividends, at least for me. I got in the day it started trading and then sold half of what I bought the first time it closed over $35. That got my original investment back plus enough to pay for a World Deluxe subscription.

    So now I'm playing with their money and can't loose a dime even if it goes to zero. :)