Friday, August 19, 2011

Family Tree University: Research Strategies Track this weekend

Here are more details about the  RESEARCH STRATEGIES TRACK of the Family Tree University Summer 2011 Virtual Conference, available August 19-21. You can view any and all tracks during this time period, and download the video classes for review later. 

Making Sense of Pre-1850 Censuses
Host: Maureen A. Taylor
Don’t get tripped up by tick marks—this class will teach you techniques to tease useful clues from the early US censuses where all residents names weren’t recorded.

City Directories: Key to Your Family’s Past
Host: Maureen A. Taylor
Unlock answers about your ancestors! This class shows how you can track your family year by year, explore their neighborhood and use the clues you find in city directories as a springboard to other genealogical sources.

Using Naturalization Records
Host: Lisa A. Alzo
Follow your ancestors’ path to citizenship toward new ancestral discoveries. This class walks you through how and where to find naturalizations, and how to use the records as a springboard to your ancestors’ life in the old country.

Platting Rectangular Survey System Properties
Host: Diana Smith
Learn how to plat ancestral properties on the rectangular survey system, also known as the public land survey system.

Platting Metes and Bounds Properties
Host: Diana Smith
Early land records used indiscriminate survey systems — based on landmarks such as trees, rocks and rivers — that can befuddle even expert genealogists. We’ll offer help to plat ancestral properties described using metes and bounds.

At Home with the Family Archivist
Host: Sunny Morton
See preservation techniques in action with real-life examples and a house tour with Family Tree Magazine‘s Family Archivist.

15 half-hour video classes in three tracks (See conference program for details.)
  • genealogy technology
  • research strategies 
  • ethnic research
Happy family tree climbing!
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