Friday, August 19, 2011

Family Tree University: Tech Track this weekend

Here are more details about the  TECH TRACK of the Family Tree University Summer 2011 Virtual Conference, available August 19-21. You can view any and all tracks during this time period, and download the video classes for review later. 

Amateur Photo Restoration
Host: Nancy Hendrickson
Learn how to fix and rescue your worn, torn or moldy photos. No previous photo editing experience is needed. Be prepared to be amazed at what you can accomplish with free online tools and a few easy photo editing tricks.

Build Your Research Toolbox
Host: Thomas MacEntee
Overwhelmed with the plethora of genealogy tech tools? This class will teach you how to combine the best resources into an easy-to-access, timesaving “dashboard” for your research.

Digital Preservation for the 21st Century
Host: Sunny Morton
Discover how to keep your digital collection safe from data rot, obsolescence and other dangers.

Digitize Your Genealogy Documents
Host: Nancy Hendrickson
Are you getting the highest quality possible from your genealogy document and photo scans? Learn how to safely remove photos or documents from old albums, prepare them for scanning, scan at different resolution settings, and organize your images.

Google Surname Search Secrets
Host: Lisa Louise Cooke
Discover tips and tricks to turn up your ancestors with common surnames—and weed out irrelevant search results to save time.

Reaching Into the Internet Archive
Host: Thomas MacEntee
Learn how to tap into digitized historical books and other ancestral artifacts at this free website dedicated to “universal access to all knowledge.”

Twitter for Genealogists
Host: Nancy Hendrickson
Learn how genealogists use Twitter to share their findings, break down brickwalls, promote family events, and help each other with research. We’ll show you how to sign up and find the people and organizations you “must follow.” The genealogy community is blossoming on Twitter and it needs you!

15 half-hour video classes in three tracks (See conference program for details.)
  • genealogy technology
  • research strategies 
  • ethnic research
Happy family tree climbing!
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