Thursday, August 04, 2011

Motorhome parking near the Family History Library in SLC

From Kim,
Do you have any idea if there is motorhome parking somewhere within walking distance of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City? Or do you know someone who would know?

From: DearMYRTLE

Let me refer you to my friend Marianne Collier, who has served for a number of years at the Family History Library with her husband. She knows this sort of stuff.   :)

From: Marianne
To: Kim and DearMYRTLE,
Kim, there is motorhome parking Downtown Salt Lake, it is on North Temple about 1 1/2 miles from downtown. There is free transportation from the park to Temple Square through the Temple Square Van which travels every hour. Many visitors to the RV park use it to go to the library. The RV park is the KOA Park at 1400 West North Temple. Their phone number is 801-328-0224.  When you get here either look for me at the library or here at the park.

Here's  DearMYRTLE's Map of Salt Lake City with 1400 West North Temple added at the bottom. It also includes directions for drug stores and other items of interest to those doing research at the Family History Library.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.


  1. Dear Myrt, As I read Kim's original question a bit differently, I am going to offer some additional information here.

    For all my RVing/Genie friends, Salt Lake City KOA is a fine park, the closest to the library, and, the van provides a great service to those staying in the park.

    One should note, that when I was in SLC in May/June 2011 for a month, Man and I parked our RV, which is not a motorhome, at the KOA. One should also note that even though the campground is 1.5 miles from the library that when we were there a bridge was out and totally closed N. Temple, mandating a detour, which made the ride from the KOA to the library about 3 miles. I mention that, because some RVers would consider the 1.5 distance to be a nice walk, and this is a small warning, do check to see if that construction is finished! LOL

    Next, I believe that Kim is asking where she can park her MH (motorhome) for the day, in a parking lot. Like 2 blocks from the library. Possibly she is just driving through and has only the time for one day of research and does not require a campground (park). In which case I offer some more of my observations:

    It will depend on the size of her MH. A small one, what we call a class C, possibly can be parked in the city lots nearby.

    One lot is north of the library, in the next block, at the NE corner of W North Temple and NW Temple, directly across the street from the LDS Conference building. It was $6.00 a day to park, every day of the week, no matter how many hours. A small motorhome would fit through the gates. We parked Big Butt in there, over in a corner away from the rest of the vehicles. It should be noted that they frown on your vehicle taking up more than one spot, believe they want you to pay for 2 if you take up 2.

    There is another lot, which as far as I know, is only available on the weekends, but it is free on the weekends. It is to the west of the library, takes up almost a full block, it is bounded by N 200 W and W North Temple and N 300 W and W South Temple. Entrance is from N 300 W ONLY! We did see some Class A motorhomes parked in there, so obviously those drivers were brave enough to wiggle through the gates.

    Both of these lots are paved and are not structures! If you can get the width of your unit through the gates you will not have to worry about ripping your roof off.

    Those with the large Class A motorhomes may or may not fit into these lots, and need to check them out for themselves and not just go barreling downtown thinking they are good to go, or in this case, good to park! LOL. The longer Class A motorhomes, in my opinion, may have difficulties driving around the city due to the closeness of the corners, but the nice wide streets will be a great help if they are brave enough to drive downtown in a big rig.

    One could inquire, I suppose at the KOA if they would allow you to just park your unit (RV) there for a few hours while you visit the library, ride the van in and out to the campground. I did not see others doing this, but one can always ask. As an RVer, Kim will know how to research this, but as a note here, this KOA is clean, well run, and pricey. It is worth what they charge though as other campgrounds nearby are at least 20 miles away, figuring fuel expense to drive 40 miles (or more) round trip. Well, you get the idea! LOL

    Good luck to Kim and may her research break down a brick wall.

  2. Update:

    The large paved lot to the west of the FHLibrary encompassing an entire city block is today housing a large block-long tent, and official extension of the Salt Palace Convention Center. This week it is the outdoor recreation wholesale show.

    It is ill-advised to visit downtown Salt Lake during the first week in April and October as the LDS Church holds its semi-annual connference at that time.

    Perhaps our best source of info for downtown conventions and the North Temple Viaduct might be:

    Salt Lake Visitor Information Center
    90 South West Temple
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
    801-534-4927 fax
    Staffed Sunday & Monday 9 am-5 pm
    Tuesday thru Saturday 9 am-7 pm
    (closed on major holidays)

  3. Dear Myrt, Just further evidence that situations and library hours and such change a LOT! Several years ago when they were threatening to shut down the state of Minnesota (like they did recently), it was very unclear if the Archives would be open. Openings and closings can change overnight. Call ahead, and frequently, eh?? :-)