Saturday, August 27, 2011

Syncing and GEDCOMing - can someone press the fast forward button?

Thanks for this thought-provoking post GEDCOM, Software, Online Trees and Syncing, describing how a typical genealogist may utilize current processes for syncing and sharing genealogy data. How I wish the vendors would take note.

I have no interest in syncing my data in a "borg tree" as Tamura Jones calls them, where another researcher can independently modify my previously uploaded data without my knowledge or permission. (This model is currently expressed by and among others.) Such a sync would effectively wipe away the integrity of my personal database. trees currently supports a better model for syncing - sorta. There I can accept or ignore suggestions from the trees of other researchers, yet my tree is out there for collaborative purposes. I would like to sync my tree and attached image files with my pc-based data. I do not however, want to be forced to use Family Tree Maker. In fact I use several genealogy management programs for the variety of views, report layouts, etc.

From what I've heard a planned version of AncestorSync  will be designed to sync to multiple platforms simultaneously. But unfortunately V1 syncs with a borg tree. It's partner organization, Ohana Software produces Family Insight a program adept at syncing with FamilySearch, so syncing isn't new to this team.

We shall see what the future holds. I just want to seamlessly share my data with my new-found cousin Russ.

The Ideal Genealogy System  by Louis Kessler.

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  1. Even a more basic issue is locating (in which web based tree) where someone has entered a surname one is interested in. Sounds like a job for a web scraper? These web trees are popping-up like dandylions.

  2. Had I read this information a month or so ago, I probably wouldn't have an opinion; however three times in as many weeks I have come across problems with this exact issue while assisting others with their nFS data only to discover that it had been "adjusted" by others. This is a whole new take on the issue and I truly hope that FamilySearch takes note.

  3. I'm afraid the almighty dollar is what prevents the syncing we'd all like to see. I have a hard time seeing Ancestry letting us sync up to our data on their servers with someone else's paid software. It would certainly make the work much easier to coordinate.

    I've been annoyed with a different, but related syncing issue lately. Roots Magic and Legacy Family Tree have added a 'syncing' feature with nFS. Unfortunately, it appears that syncing is not an accurate description of what this feature truly does. While it will put data from nFS into the program, it doesn't allow for all the data to be synced back to nFS. For instance, I can import a death date, place, and source info from nFS to Legacy, but if I'm exporting data back to nFS, the sources don't go along with it.

    I had hoped this would finally be a way to add source information into nFS that wouldn't take forever. Alas, I'm left with slowly filling out the nFS online source form or uploading small gedcoms and merging records. Neither of which is a satisfactory option.