Thursday, September 15, 2011

Genealogy on Facebook? You betcha

Yesterday, Thomas MacEntee asked if we had ever used Facebook to do a genealogy look-up. YES! Thought you'd get a kick out of a report of Ol' Myrt's genealogical Facebook activities during the last 24 hours -mostly using the iPhone or the iPad, quite simply because we're traveling.
Goering Family Bible.

  • Mentioned research plans: "Heading to the Lyon County Historical Archives, 225 East Sixth Ave, Emporia, Kansas. They have city directories, tombstone inscriptions. My Charles Henry Goering died at St. Mary's Hospital in Nov 1931 according to the family bible in my possession (image scanned and in my iPad photo album.)  
  • Made a wall-posting: "Apparently one cannot upload a photo from an iPad1 to FB" and received two suggestions for work-arounds.
  • Uploaded scanned image with the notation: "Charles Henry Goering family bible in my possession. Taken from scanned image in my iPad with my iPhone and uploaded using the FB app for iPhone. More than one way to skin a cat."
  • Commented: "20th century genealogists had their struggles with providing source documents... so do we. :) "
  • Received a wall post request to do look-ups for my distant cousin Russ Worthington on his Reeves and Worthington lines. He sent the particulars in a private Facebook message. The information I found wasn't what we had hoped, but it saves his looking at this archives in the future. At the facility, I typed my response on my iPhone via a private Facebook message.
  • Shared photo of the "All Veterans Memorial" on the south side of the town of Emporia. Never knew this town was the originator of Veterans Day.
  • Used the FB mobile app to upload a picture of Charles H. Goering's tombstone in the Ivy Cemetery near Admire, Kansas.  [As you can tell from the photo below, I haven't yet cropped the pic, but this copy will remain even if my iPhone is lost or damaged before I return home. Never could do this sort of "have a copy elsewhere" while on a research trip with just a camera - digital or otherwise.]
  • Did a Facebook "check in" after visiting the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
  • Shared: "We made it to Salina for the night. Had mini-burgers at the teeny tiny Cozy Inn that was here in the 1920s when Tolbert Higgins lived here." Also provided the link to other genealogists who may be interested.
  • Learned the flash drives to be distributed at a friend's DAR chapter genealogy conference will include a folder with info about useful websites in addition to copies of freebie versions of Legacy Family Tree and RootsMagic genealogy software.
  • Left a note of encouragement for a fellow geneablogger whose husband is ill.
  • Responded to a nephew's request about identifying old photographs and getting started on his sweetheart's family history.
  • Honored my father by changing my profile picture to one of Dad's WWII photos and posted the scan of a two-page spread from his baby book, since today would have been Dad's 93rd birthday today.
Glen S. Player, MD.
A wise man once said:
"Facebook - it's not just what's for breakfast anymore!" Thanks, Thomas.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.


  1. You gotta' love what technology has done and is doing for genealogists!!

  2. I love doing family history and have set up a facebook page for my 4th great grandfather William F Tovrea. His page is for anyone to look at and find out a little about him and the times he was living in. His answers to questions such as "what movie to you like" - he replys what is a movie? His favorite kind of music was marchin music and Civil War music He talks about his children, his grandkids and the community of Mt Pleasant, IA in the 1880's. Lots of photos of family too! Check him out!