Wednesday, September 07, 2011

MYRT: 1000memories beakfast panel Thursday

Tomorrow morning at 7am sharp, Ol' Myrt here will join fellow panelists Josh Taylor (Co-Chair FGS Conference) and Jonathan Good (Co-founder, 1000memories) as we discuss "Engaging your Family in Genealogy." Obviously Josh has the "youthful" approach, and Myrt will cover the "grandparent" contingent while Jonathan's website provides a vehicle for preserving images, videos and, OK "1000memories". As I've mentioned in my FB postings, contact to register.

I've spent some time working on pages at the website, and find it quick to receive uploaded files, and easy to navigate -- clearly a GREAT PLACE to preserve family memories. You can certainly link to these in your genealogy management program. (Videos are large and don't transfer well when sharing most genealogy databases with a cousin.)

@AmyCoffin just tweeted: #fgs2011 Taylor - 21sters looking for an active society. Current web site, fun activities. Not just filling out pedigree charts. 

That's right - 21st century genealogists aren't into those old forms to fill out. They are highly computer literate, and live in the "cloud." So let's reach out and put your media files on the web for the "youngsters" in the family to enjoy.

Looks like is a great 21ster tool for preserving the stories of our ancestors.
Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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