Friday, December 16, 2011

Lazy blogger wins 2011 GeneaBlog Award

After the excitement of RootsTech 2011 last winter, we saw a sharp increase in genealogy webinars, and Ol' Myrt here experienced a similar spike in email requests about where to find these webinars - hers or just about anyone else's. So out of laziness, I created GeneaWebinars as the central place for genealogy webinar hosts to post in calendar and blog format. Thankfully, as GeneaWebinars gained popularity, my email box requests for information gradually declined.

Today's email brings news of an award from the not-too-easily impressed Tamura Jones.

He likes the GeneaWebinars blog enough to give it one of his four 2011 GeneaBlog Awards . He writes "One fun thing about the Genealogy Blog Awards is that it does not have fixed categories. Every year I look for blogs to highlight, and then create a fitting category just for them. There is no fixed number of awards either. This year, the Genealogy Blog Awards highlights just four genealogy blogs, but they sure are four worthy ones."

So the GeneaWebinars blog located at is one of Tamura's four to honor this year! Thank-you. In Ol' Myrt's opinion the award belongs to all of the contributors. I may have set up the blog and calendar, but it is those webinar organizers who contribute to the calendar and create the posts. Their content drives the popularity of the blog. They use webinar technology to provide software support, research methodology advice, and analysis of a variety of surviving record groups, in addition to how to organize and preserve this information for future generations.

So you could say that the GeneaWebinars Blog is a win-win for both the webinar organizers and the online genealogists who wish to learn more about their craft.

Best New Community Blog: GeneaWebinars
There are so many genealogy webinars nowadays, that it's hard to keep track of them.
In February, Pat Richley-Erickson, better known as DearMYRTLE, introduced GeneaWebinars to address that issue, and it's been an immediate hit. The trick to its runaway success is that GeneaWebinars is a community blog; DearMYRTLE gave webinar organisers permission to post their announcements directly to the blog.
The result is that practically every genealogy webinar is listed on GeneaWebinars.

To find out about the other three amazing 2011 GeneaBlog Award winners see Tamura's original blog award post: Congrats to Kerry Scott, Nathan Maling, and Judy Webster for their amazing and now award-winning work!


Happy family tree climbing!
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