Thursday, December 15, 2011

RootsTech admits mistake

By now you've read accounts of RootsTech 2012 reversing it's position on book vendors in the exhibit hall. (That's the power of blogging!) The announcement below was posted on the RootsTech Facebook page:

RootsTech 2012 Update:  Book Vendors in the Exhibit Hall
We greatly appreciate all the recent comments and concerns related to book vendors being present at RootsTech. We’ve been listening. One of our top goals has been to help introduce a very different kind of family history conference, which certainly requires a balancing act—bringing technologists together with genealogists to inspire important technology solutions for the industry.
It has become clear that there is indeed demand from the community to have book vendors at RootsTech, and we are pleased to extend book vendors an invitation to exhibit at the conference.

Thanks again to the community for all the great feedback. We look forward to seeing you in February!
Alls well that ends well.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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  1. And just where are they supposed to exhibit/ The RootsTech2012 website states that the Exhibit Hall is full and there is a waiting list!

  2. @Karl - They need to go back to the applications, grant space in order of dates recvd and then compensate the booths that need to be moved out for advertising etc that needs to change for booth #s,etc plus offer signage to show booth-moves in the hall. SOP for conferences who "change the rules" after applications start coming in.