Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Kid on the Blog: Barry Ewell

UPDATE: 11 March 2016: Accuser provdes insight that the original author did not give permission for Barry Ewell to use her material.

DearMYRTLE publishes "Unethical behavior and Mr. Barry Ewell?" See:



UPDATE: 11 March 2016  Additional Problems with PlagiarismSUMMARY: Side by side, and paragraph after paragraph comparison proving Barry Ewell continues to plagiarize.

Thomas MacEntee published a review of Barry Ewell's Google Guide to Genealogy: 1001 Ways to Search The Internet as a Genealogist. See:



UPDATE: July 6, 2013: See problems with plagiarism
SUMMARY: A reader notes verbatim text between an early PBS publication and a later publication known as Lesson Learned #50 by Barry Ewell.

Mark Andrew Davis commented on Barry Ewell's Lessons Learned #50: "Wow, this list look like it's verbatim from Terry Willard's study guide from the old PBS Ancestors TV Show (yes, I bought the book). In fact, just checking the pages and the information is identical. Hopefully you're not using the information without the Willard's, PBS and the Publisher's permission, but I don't see any indication on your posting what the source is and what permissions you have."
DearMYRTLE went a step further, gathering screen shots to see if Mark Andrew Davis' comment was accurate. The untouched screen shots speak for themselves.

See: DearMYRTLE's "Is There Such as Thing as Ethical Plagiarism?"

 The comment was subsequently removed by the owner of the Barry Ewell Facebook page, as DearMYRTLE notes in "Follow-up: IS there such a thing as ethical plagiarism?"

The following was received earlier this week from our friend Barry.
A number of people have wondered about, a new place for Barry to share his genealogy and technology expertise. He is active in Utah genealogy circles including his work as an Utah Genealogical Association Board Member. Ol' Myrt here recommends his work to my DearREADERS. Find out more about Barry reading his short bio located on his blog.
Please address all inquiries to

16 Jan 2012

Barry J. Ewell, founder of and nationally known writer, presenter, researcher and mentor of genealogists launches a daily blog. The content will include articles, podcasts, slideshows, and videos. Barry's Blog on Genealogy will help new and experienced genealogists to:

  • Find, access, and explore genealogical resources quickly
  • Develop, expand, and sharpen your genealogy research skills
  • Discover clues to trace and explore your family ties
  • Quickly identify which record collections to search first
  • Resolve genealogical brick walls
  • Learn to find and use specific country, state, and county records
Come join Barry at Barry's Blog on Genealogy.

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