Tuesday, January 24, 2012

RootsTech 2012 App Info

Tweets and Facebook postings have alerted RootsTech attendees to the availbility of a free and very essential RootsTech2012 app for iPad, iPhone and Android.

I've downloaded it to both my iPhone and my iPad 1, and have worked on "staring" those events on the schedule that interest me. It does permit multiple items per hour to be "star"ed. Once you have done this, the items appear on "My Schedule" within the app. I have also been able to manually add non-scheduled events like meet-ups with friends. The list on the iPhone app RootsTech '12  "Dashboard" includes:

  • My Schedule
  • Maps
  • Events (the official schedule)
  • Speakers
  • Conference Documents
  • Photo Gallery
  • Videos
  • Twitter
  • Friends (be sure to make your own profile there)
  • News
I haven't checked the "syncing" between two devices so I am not sure if it works to make entries on one device that show up later on my other device.

If you are coming to Salt Lake for RootsTech 2012, then get this app!

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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  1. I couldn't figure out a way to make the Android app sync between tablet and phone.

  2. The Android app does not fully work. I could not access the Conference Docs after downloading them.

    However, I sent an email to the app creator and they have duplicated the problem and are working to fix it.

    The Events and Calendar do work and my starred sessions do show up on "My Schedule".

  3. It's unlikely that the two will sync. I installed the app on my Android phone and on my iPad2. Because there's no account login (for instance like Facebook or Twitter), there is no way for the app to know who you are and therefore sync with another instance of itself.

  4. Just to let you know, they have fixed the Android app and it works wonderfully.