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TMG V8 released in late December

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was just received in late December from from Bob Velke of WhollyGenes. Please address all inquiries to him at support@whollygenes.com.



Family History Software Takes Another Leap Forward

Columbia, Maryland – 21 December 2011 – Wholly Genes Software announces
a major new release of its popular family history project manager, The
Master Genealogist. The software, known by its users as “TMG,” is
favored by novice and expert researchers alike because of its extreme
flexibility, extensive documentation features, and the ability to
transform dry family data into impressive charts, forms, and narrative

This new release, TMG v8, includes a completely new report writer to
accommodate 64-bit operating systems, but that is just the beginning of
an impressive list of new and expanded features.

“For 18 years, TMG has consistently introduced innovative features that
have slowly developed into industry standards,” said the company
president, Bob Velke. “Version 8 is no exception, with ground-breaking
features like color-coded narrative reports and the ability to import
groups of people or entire families from a spreadsheet.”

For those who prefer, its new “Add Multiple People” and “Add Family”
screens, which resemble a spreadsheet environment. are among the many
new features in TMG v8 which were designed to make data entry easier and
faster. Like many of the program’s most useful features, they were
suggested by TMG’s very active user community. Other examples include a
greatly expanded list of default roles (to link witnesses to the events
of other people), an option to design new roles “on the fly,” new
features to share your customizations with other researchers, and the
ability to output Pedigree charts to Word or RTF with an index.

The expanded web-searching tool in TMG v8 now supports 15 sites,
including Ancestry.com, FamilySearch.org, One Great Family,
Footnote/Fold3, World Vital Records, and FindAGrave.com. (Some sites
provide search results but require a subscription for full access to the
records.) The feature supports the specific search options of each site
and can even be configured to search them all at once. “After searching
Google Books for a name like ‘Lucinda Rodgers,’” said Velke, “how often
do we get distracted by the results and forget to go back and search for
‘Rodgers, Lucinda’, its spelling variations, or her married name(s)?”
TMG’s new web-searching tool won’t forget to try all of the permutations
of your search that are supported by each site and could lead to great
new discoveries.

The Master Genealogist v8 Gold Edition is available for $59 as a
download from www.WhollyGenes.com and from its international dealers.
The upgrade for users of v7 is $29.95. An optional CD is available by
mail for a nominal extra charge.

About the company:
Wholly Genes Software is a privately held corporation founded in 1993
with the goal of providing professional-caliber software tools to family
historians. Its flagship product, The Master Genealogis

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