Monday, January 09, 2012

UGA makes virtual meetings public not private YES!

While working through the backlog of email, I ran across this welcome policy change from the Utah Genealogical Association. It appears they've decided to take their "virtual chapter" presentations out from behind their membership wall. This should encourage greater participation. Remember that UGA sponsors presentations from a variety of experts from within the Utah genealogy community (Family History Library, FamilySearch, etc), but the scope isn't limited to Utah or LDS-specific research challenges.

"The Utah Genealogical Association is pleased to present a monthly "Virtual Chapter" meeting in which invited guests make presentations on topics of current interest in the field of family history and genealogy.  Based upon demand to participate in these monthly presentations, the UGA Board of Directors recently voted to make the live presentations available to the public without the need of logging into the Member's Area.  As in the past, however, Archived Presentations are only available in the Member's Area." Source:
January's presentation Information:
Title:  The FamilySearch Wiki:  Exploring Its Treasures
Presenter:  Wilma Adkins, UGA Treasurer
Date and Tiime:  Jan19, 2012 at 7:00PM US Mountain Time (UTC-7)
The presentation flyer (in Google Doc .PDF format) explains that the session will begin with a PowerPoint presentation, and then questions will be taken from participants as the presenter tackles the wiki live during the meeting. 
Unlike other genealogy webinar meetings of late, attendees must click  and log in as a guest.

1. UGA might reach a broader audience by using the GeneaWebinars calendar and blog to advertize upcoming events. The UGA has been given access to log in to both resources provided freely for the genealogy community. The calendar and blog is award winning because of the work of each webinar presenting organization.

2. Using the GeneaWebinars Calendar ensures there will be no overlapping of UGA meetings with other scheduled genealogy webinar presentations.

2. Allow attendees to log in by name. Interaction with attendees is fine, but folks like to be called by their real or avatar names, not "Guest237". 

Just saying...
Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. It's been this way for a while. It started out public, then I think one or two meetings may have been private (or not), then they came back out to public for live meetings. Only members can play the recordings back at a later time.

    Also, your last suggestion (the second 2) is not an issue. There is a button to choose to log in as "guest", but then there's a text field to type your name. I don't think I've seen anyone in the meetings listed as guest.

  2. Hope they use your great ideas! I live by the GeneaWebinars calendar - so useful. (thanks)

  3. @Banai,
    The specified directions on the UGA website request that attendees log in as "guests" hence my comments, Banai. Providing such a definitive rule should not be present in my opinion, but both options should be equally represented prior to attending the webinar.