Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1940 Census: Become the poster child

It's time to get the word out in your community about the upcoming release of the 1940 US federal census. How about using materials from the (54MB zipped) "starter kit" created by the folks at when composing an article for your local newspaper? Yes, YOU!

This is your year to become the poster child for the 1940 census, even if you weren't enumerated in it!
  • Contact your local genealogical and historical societies and offer to chair a joint task force, with your first meeting in early March.
  • Print a large version of the 1940 US Census Project sign shown above, mounting it on 2x3 foot foam core. Obtain permission to post the sign near the entrance of your local public library. Before printing, be sure to add the URL across the bottom.
  • Stand by a second copy of the sign just inside the door at your society meetings to encourage volunteer indexers and answer questions.
  • Write an article about the 1940 census for your local newspaper using graphics and text from the " "starter kit".
  • Post a series of 1/4 page "ads" in the newsletter of both organizations. (The ads can be a smaller copy of the banner shown above, for brand recognition.)
  • Spearhead a campaign to register members of both organizations as indexing volunteers at by demonstrating the simple signup process.
  • Encourage participation at training webinars found at and cross-posted in the GeneaWebinars Calendar.
  • Ensure that the organizations create a joint press release to the local newspaper using graphics and suggested newsletter and newspaper text from the "starter kit".
  • Print copies of Ancestry's 1940 census extraction form (2 sided) and share with your society members. US 1940 Census Part 1 and  US 1940 Census Part 2
  • Mount a large copy of the extraction form on foam core to display at society meetings.
  • Show Valerie Craft's blog post titled How I'm Looking for Grandmama in the 1940 Census
  • from the Begin with 'Craft' blog. Valerie illustrates how to use Steve Morse's ED Finder and maps to locate where she can expect to find Betty in the census images.
  • Print and share copies of the 1940 Enumerator Instructions, including the abbreviation codes.
  • Write a newsletter article focusing on the 1940 abbreviation codes. 
  • Print and laminate a name tag for each member in your society who has signed up as a 1940 Census Project Volunteer, using the circular badge in the upper right. I've created a Word document to get you started and have stored it online in my Google Docs.
These ideas outta get ya started!

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy. 

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