Monday, February 06, 2012

Are you ready for some RootsTech rehashing? TODAY...

RootsTech 2012 was all about people. OK, dead people do factor in. Amazingly for a US conference, over 4,300 people registered -- up 35% from last year's debut of this phenomenally energized genealogy technology event. The BEST PART about attending RootsTech 2012 was meeting friends from all over the world!

Ol' Myrt here will host two RootsTech 2012 Review workshop webinars today to share thoughts with live and remote RootsTech 2012 participants. This means YOU! We need your input! I'm confident we'll have a few "FS, A, bs" and other lurkers to hear what we, the family history researchers of the world, have to say about how this conference handled the concept of merging cool technology with the ancient art of genealogical research.

Ol' Myrt here would particularly like hear how the live streaming sessions came across to "remote" attendees" of the smashingly busy, incredibly "electric" RootsTech 2012 conference held Thursday-Saturday this past week, so...

COME JOIN THE WEBINAR this morning or later this evening, to share you thoughts!

My contributions to today's discussion developed as I attended the keynote sessions each morning, and spent the bulk of each day doing video and audio interviews with key players.

What did you think is the most important take-away from this conference?

Here are some of the topics brought to my attention. I am sure we're likely to hear a lot more during our webinars about:

  • What's up with brightsolid's addition of and the new pay-per-view to access US census record indexes and images? Is this a lower price point trend?
  • "Collaboration" seems to be the buzzword of late. Wonder why isn't playing with others in the sandbox?
  • Did the newbie developers feel they got a fair shake at the conference? Was their experience as energizing as it was for semi-technically capable genealogists like Ol' Myrt here?
  • What do FamilySearch, brightsolid and have in common.
  • Speaking of, what is their single best contract partnership of late?
  • How do you feel about a FamilySearch employee winning the RootsTech Developers Challenge?
  • What's with the "ecosystem" concept at FamilySearch?
  • Which genealogy vendor doesn't understand a luncheon talk should be more entertaining, less technical?
  • More importantly, what was all that about Jay Verkler's hair?
  • Do "unconferencing sessions" work for you?
  • How about that RootsTech 2012 app? Syncing? update notices?
Oh, and the truth is, Josh Coates really went barefoot for his keynote!

DATE: Monday, 6 February 2012 
AM SESSION: 10am Pacific US Time

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PM SESSION: 7pm Paficic US Time

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Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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  1. Hi DearMRYTLE - the link above for this evening's Webinar seems like the URL one would use to actually join the webinar, not register for it - when I click that link I eventually get a GoToWebinar form that asks the Organsier to log in, prefilled with your eMail address.