Friday, March 30, 2012

1940 Census Image: minimize access issues


Several have indicated they are planning to hook up two or three computers to expedite their search of the unindexed 1940 US census images. AAACK!

Genealogists the world over are looking forward to the release of the digital images of the 1940 census at at 9am Eastern US, Monday 2 April 2012.

Please, let's not clog up the access.

Many remember the "crash" when went live. Ancestry Insider is just holding his breath wondering when and where the crash will occur with the 1940 census images and indexing. He admits to being a bit like Chicken Little in his post titled 1940 Census Crashes.

So let's be fair, play nice in the sandbox, share with others. Use just one computer to access the images, thereby cutting down on the load on NARA's servers.

Spend your time on the other computer indexing, once those images go into the queue.

Don't forget to tune in to the nightly 1940 US Census Images & Indexing UPDATE Monday through Friday next week.

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