Friday, March 30, 2012

HistoryGeo: Additions and changes

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: Mr. Myrt is crazy for maps and has long touted benefits of Arphax indexes to land ownership maps in book format. The web version of Arphax is Please address all inquiries to our friends at

HistoryGeo Announces Price Decrease (and a Whole Lot More) - March 30, 2012

We are pleased to be able to offer the finest historical map-viewing experience on the web for
greatly reduced prices:
  • 3-Month Plans are now only $29.99
  • 6-Month Plans are now only $49.99
  • 12-Month Plans are now only $79.99
To take advantage, just head over to, log-in using the email address that received this announcement, and click "Subscribe."

You'll be joining thousands of researchers who KNOW the value of being able to locate EXACTLY where 2.5 million (and growing) U.S. landowners, lived, worked, and built their Amercian Dream!

For example, just look at the content, we recently added:

  • Family Maps of Randolph County, Alabama
  • Family Maps of Cedar County, Iowa
  • Family Maps of Polk County, Missouri
  • Family Maps of Douglas County, Washington
  • Texas Land Survey Maps of Montague County, Texas
  • Texas Land Survey Maps of Tarrant County, Texas (Fort Worth and vicinity)
    • Kings County, New York - 1872 (full of familes who've become household names)
    • Spotsylvania County, Virginia (Civil War period)
    • Maury County, Tennessee - 1878 (lots of James K Polk kinfolk here)
    • Columbiana County, Ohio - 1860 (Harvey Firestone's kinfolk are here)
    • Cleveland County, Oklahoma - 1900 (see if you can find James Garner's family!)
And coming in the next few weeks, you'll see:
  • Family Maps of LaGrange County, Indiana
  • Family Maps of Choctaw County, Mississippi
  • Family Maps of Smith County, Mississippi
  • Texas Land Survey Maps of Angelina County, Texas
  • Texas Land Survey Maps of Harrison County, Texas

Since you last looked at us, we have addeds lots of new content like what's mentioned above, and unless you've visited in the last couple of weeks, you've missed out on our vastly simplified Map Viewer. And the good news is that there are some killer new features slated for release in April.

We are making huge enhancements to our search engines, are acquiring more maps all the time, and are committed to providing our subscribers with that occasional "WOW" experience that makes genealogical and historical research SO rewarding. We've begun negotiating with some world-class map repositories and hope to be making some big announcements before summer about lots of unique content headed your way!

If you're one to make it to genealogical conferences, we may be seeing you out on the road. We will be in Cincinnati, Ohio at NGS in May, in Birmingham, Alabama at FGS in August-September, in Lubbock, TX at the S. Plains Genealogical Society meeting on April 14 (Greg Boyd will be speaking), at the Oklahoma City Family History Expo on April 18, and are hoping we can slide into the St. Louis Gen. Society conference on April 28th. There's also the Angelina College (Texas) conference in July, where again, Greg Boyd will be speaking. We have lots of other trips planned later in the year, so stay tuned! Email us if you have have questions about any particular venue.

A few final notes:

In case you've missed it, we've added lots of training videos ( and lots of knowledgebase articles ( to help you learn how to use the most powerful historical map-tool in existence.

Thanks for hearing us out, and we hope you'll join some of the most discerning researchers on the planet. And while you're at it, please tell your favorite research library that we've got an institutional product now being installed all around the country. Be the first to tip them off!

We wish you all the best, and happy family history hunting . . .
The Team!

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