Thursday, March 08, 2012

Legacy: 1940 Census Tools Flash Webinar

Just got the scoop from Geoff Rasmussen that he's set up a flash webinar for tomorrow about the new 1940 census tools in the Legacy Family Tree genealogy software. He hasn't announced it on Legacy's blog yet, but the link to register is at .

LEGACY FAMILY TREE: Navigating the new Census Tools
Friday, March 9, 2012
The webinar will begin at 2PM Eastern U.S., 1PM Central, 12PM Mountain/Arizona, 11AM Pacific, 7PM GMT. Ol' Myrt here recommends logging in about an hour earlier to be assured of getting a "seat".

Legacy Family Tree recently released three major census tools to assist genealogists in their census research. We got a sneak peek during Thomas' 1940 census webinar yesterday! Geoff explains:
While the first two tools relate specifically to the upcoming release of the 1940 U.S. census (new 1940 U.S. census transcription form and 1940 U.S. census SourceWriter template), the third will help with census research around the globe (the new Census List tool).

By the way, folks, if you missed Thomas' webinar yesterday you've GOT to view it now at: 

Scroll down about half-way through the page to find the archived webinars. You are looking for:
Navigating the 1940 U.S. census with Thomas MacEntee. April 2, 2012 will be a busy day for genealogists in the U.S. as the images for the 1940 United States census are released to the public. Learn the strategies needed to find the images you want, especially during the first few weeks before the images are indexed. Besides tips and tricks, you'll also learn what information was collected during the 1940 U.S. Census and how it can help your genealogy research.

Remember Legacy keeps their webinars in their online archive free for ten days, so the link to Thomas' webinar is available free until March 19, 2012 when the webinar reverts to the "order the CD" status.

One that's set up in a "flash" without tons of advanced advertising. It's a phrase I coined last year, and much to my amazement, folks tend to show up. Don't miss this one with Geoff. As Legacy's resident genealogist, he got the coders to come up with three wonderful new options.

Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. webinar is good on detail - sound quality has a lot to be desired though.