Tuesday, March 27, 2012

UPDATE to RootsMagic - Version 5.0.3

Today's announcements in RootsMagic News include two items:

UPDATE to RootsMagic - Current Version is 5.0.3 - 27 March 2012
  • New: New "Who Was There" list prints all people in a selected place at a selected time (see help for details) I think this will help with our 1940 census research.
  • New: "Fix Broken Media Links" now lets you select the starting drive and/or folder
  • New: Media Gallery now lets you sort media by either file name or caption
  • New: Added options to custom reports to shade alternate records or draw lines between records
  • New: Added preparer option to Box Charts
  • New: Added "Living" checkbox to "Add Person screen
  • New: Added option to print detail ref# for citations in Source List report
  • New: Changed 95 year rule to 110 years in New FamilySearch features
  • Fixed: Images attached to place details and citations now print in scrapbooks and multimedia list
  • Fixed: Legacy import now imports LDS Confirmation and LDS Initiatory
  • Fixed: If a note contains a NULL character it is stripped out when exporting to GEDCOM
  • Fixed: "Add Person" screen could crash if user had disabled the birth or death date or place field
  • Find out more at www.RootsMagic.com

Free 1940 Census Webinar Sessions
"RootsMagic is proud to be sponsoring a full week of webinar sessions dedicated to the 1940 US Census and hosted by DearMYRTLE.
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