Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Webinar viewing via iPads

I've noticed a small but increasing number of DearMYRTLE workshop webinar attendees are using their iPads to connect. Let's start a discussion about how the GoToWebinar App works and where it still has room for improvement.

This is a screen shot of my iPad1 taken just now (using the Skitch app) as I wait for Thomas MacEntee's Navigating the 1940 US Census webinar to begin in 22 minutes. This is hosted by our friends at From time to time, I can see Geoff's mouse pointer choosing a different "While you're waiting..." screen.

GOOD: Sound quality and the screen images appear excellent, though I am only in the waiting room. (The webinar has over 2,000 registrants, but only 1,000 seats, so I've signed in early.)

GOOD: I see it would be possible for me to speak, using the iPad1's built-in microphone. However 99% of webinar attendees are kept in mute mode because of the sheer number of attendees. Have any of you had experience with your mic going live for real-time conversations with a webinar presenter?

NOT SO GOOD: I am aware from one webinar attendee that the iPad app has no view of the "chat" screen, so she couldn't click to view the handout for this past Monday's webinar.

CONFUSING: The webinar service is GoToWebinar, yet the app for my iPad is called "GoToMeeting". I guess from an attendee point of view, this doesn't really matter.

WONDERING: Is there a way to present using the GoToMeeting app on my iPad?

What have your experiences been?

If mobile devices are the wave of the future, then we'll need to share experiences with how to use them. Genealogy webinars are certainly main stream. Let's see how the viewing apps progress.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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  1. You have a good point. While I haven't used my iPad to attend webinars (and thus can't answer your question--so far I've only used my clunker desk computer, but life for me is becoming more mobile), I think this issue needs to be pursued. Normally, since I don't have anything more to add to the conversation, I wouldn't have said anything...but I was dismayed to see you didn't get ANY comments in response to your question. Lest you conclude that no one is interested, I couldn't just pass on by, saying nothing!

  2. I watched a webinar (Geoff Rasmussen's Navigating the New Census Tools in Legacy Family Tree) on my iPad for the first time yesterday. I would rate the experience an 8 out of 10. Video was great but there were some audio "stuttering" issues. However, I'm not sure if the audio problem was with the GoToWebinar app or my wifi device. I dialed in with my iPhone and listened that way with no problems.