Saturday, March 03, 2012

What I liked about Reba's WDYTYA episode

If you missed last night's NBC broadcast of Who Do You Think You Are, take heart, the full episode and deleted scenes are available online today. This episode seemed to more closely follow a typical researcher's journey through archives, churches, library and websites to find ancestral clues.

Did you notice that was one of the sites Reba searched, though the camera kept that logo just out of view?
Midge Frazel expressed concern via Facebook that original records Reba was handling should have been scanned. Ol' Myrt here is sure those fragile tax records and such are filmed, but I think they used originals for effect. Mr. Myrt particularly liked how the entries for her ancestors were highlighted! :::giggle:::
PUTTING ANCESTORS IN PERSPECTIVE During this episode, we observe Reba reasoning out what she was looking for, hitting dead ends, seeking the advice of genealogy and history experts. Most importantly Reba learned to put the father of her immigrant ancestor into historical perspective and discovered she had misjudged him. 
Our very own Josh Taylor was awesome in his segment!

Happy family tree climbing!
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  1. Too bad the online content is blocked to Canadians. If we have to listen to and watch your political stuff, we should at least have access to WDYTYA, don't you think? :)

  2. It isn't often that I read my name in someone else's post! I was hoping someone could tell us if they staged that showing of originals or not. I have doubts about some situations that are so staged that folks will go to archives demanding to touch the real thing.

    I let someone more experienced than I am get copies of some special vital records. She went into an unheated old town hall, located the right book took it back to the town hall copied it, and took the book back. She told me they would not have copied it for me. I would have received a typed copy.


  3. I noticed that they looked at Google Books, too! I think it would be nice to have a short segment at the end, noting what resources were used. I noticed during chatter on Facebook that some folks didn't recognize these sources.

  4. WDYTYA is People Magazine for Genealogists -- long on story and celebrities but short on sources. -- A curmudeon form Southern Oregon, Barbara Basden, ePublications Director,

  5. You know, Barb, if I only had a hour, minus commercial interruptions to describe my genealogy research, I wouldn't get much in the way of citation in there either.

    1. How about hiding the fact that info came from a website other than Ancestry? Isn't that avoiding sources?

  6. I found Reba's genealogical research journey rather fascinating. Yes, it can be and ardious journey, and I wish that they would show how difficult it can be to even obtain church records from other countries like England, Ireland, Germany, and Poland. It can depend a lot on whether you know the language, or if you can find someone to transcribe a letter for you if they speak a different language. It also depends on the personality of the minister that you may encounter as well.