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1000memories: Shoeboxes, Simplified New Design

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1000memories Introduces Shoeboxes; Simplified New Design
A new take on traditional photo albums; Changes the way people share photos from their past.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 3, 2011 — Building on the popularity of mobile photo-scanning app ShoeBox, 1000memories today unveiled a completely redesigned website featuring a new product: shoeboxes.

Shoeboxes are easy-to-make collections of photos from the past. Some are built to capture an event (1983 High School Graduation, for example). Others have broader themes (say, Santa Pictures). Through shoeboxes,1000memories is reinventing traditional photo albums by allowing users to invite different groups of family and friends to view and collaborate on a photo collection--or what 1000memories calls a shoebox.

This selective sharing feature creates the potential for collaboration, allowing users to collect a group of photos in one place instead of in multiple albums. It also ensures that users have greater control over their privacy. Instead of broadcasting content to an entire network, users can choose specific family members and friends with whom to share.

"Shoeboxes are the solution for all the photos you kept in your closet or hard drive but never knew what to do with,” says cofounder Rudy Adler. “Unlike other photo-sharing services, shoeboxing is specifically designed to make it easy to preserve and share your photos from the past”.

Users can add digital photos from their desktops or scan paper photos using the popular ShoeBox app. After uploading, they can then create as many shoeboxes as they like. Early users have been making shoeboxes to share childhood and family photos, collect pictures from a wedding or vacation, digitize scrapbooks, and tell life stories.

In addition to these new features, 1000memories has partnered with ScanCafe to help people digitize large collections of old photos and automatically add them to 1000memories. ScanCafe is the global leader in photo-scanning services, and exclusive scanning packages can now be purchased through 1000memories.

Shoeboxing is the latest innovation from 1000memories, a free website that makes it easy to store and share long-forgotten photos sitting in old albums and hard drives. With today’s launch of shoeboxes, 1000memories hopes to breathe new life into the photos from the past by making it easy to preserve and share them with the right people.

About 1000memories
1000memories makes the new shoebox for your old photos. Founded in 2010 in San Francisco, California, 1000memories is a free website recently featured in Oprah Magazine that helps families and friends share long-forgotten photos sitting in old albums and hard drives.For more information, visit 1000memories.com.

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